Thursday, December 23, 2010

A few things Christmas…

December started out with a few Christmas events that I have yet to blog about. First was Annie and Carrie’s Cookie Exchange. It was so much fun! Everyone was required to bake home made cookies. No, not home made like the box kind, but instead, real, home made cookies … this was a first for me! :) (I need to bake more!! ha!) I had so much fun finding a recipe. After narrowing down a few choices, I ended up making Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies and they were delicious! Unfortunately, they did not win best cookie, but I believe they won best cookie in my hubby’s mind! :)

cookie exchange and christmas decor 002

Here they are in the mixing bowl…


cookie exchange and christmas decor 004

and here they are on the cooling rack!

Upon arriving at Carrie’s house, we all placed our cookies on the cookie table. Just look at all those yummy treats!

cookie exchange and christmas decor 005


After a bit of mingling and taste testing all the cookies, as well as some salty snacks too, it was time to vote. We voted on best cookie, prettiest cookie, and most unique cookie. Here are Annie and Carrie announcing the winners.

cookie exchange and christmas decor 008


Lauren won best cookie and two other girls I had just met that night won prettiest and most unique cookie. They each took a prize home. Oh, it was such a fun night! Check out the cookies that won “prettiest” cookie. They were just beautiful!

cookie exchange and christmas decor 006

They are the Smore cookies to the left with that cute marshmallow tree poking out. I’ve got to think of something grand for next year! :)



Next up was the Ladies Christmas Brunch at church. This was the first annual Christmas brunch and it was so much fun! There were 30 tables of women in the church sanctuary and the 8 sitting at each table were responsible for decorating their own table. We had to bring everything … centerpieces, stemware, china, silverware, cups and saucers, napkins, you name it. The church provided the catered food, which was delicious! And, we listened to Joni Tauber sing and speak. It was a wonderful event!

cookie exchange and christmas decor 015

Emily, Lucy, Lauren, and me

This is just 4 of us from our table of 8. We arrived early to set up. The table decorations are a combination of Emily and Lucy’s. As this event approached I realized that I have NOTHING nice when it comes to table settings. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t register for china when you get married. Oh well…

Here are some more pictures of our table -

cookie exchange and christmas decor 016


cookie exchange and christmas decor 017

cookie exchange and christmas decor 019














And here were a few other tables around the church -

cookie exchange and christmas decor 022

cookie exchange and christmas decor 025














cookie exchange and christmas decor 028


cookie exchange and christmas decor 023

cookie exchange and christmas decor 033














One more of our table members, and one of my very best friends, Kristy, arrived early with her new little one, Elin Faith. She is just precious and we just had to get a picture!

cookie exchange and christmas decor 035

Lauren, Kristy, Emily, me, and Lucy

Emily is holding little miss Elin :)



Then, we had a Birthday Party for Jesus. I attend Mom’s Group at our church every Thursday morning. It is a time I look forward to every week and LOVE the friends I have made through that group! Two of the moms, Stephanie and Laura, hosted their second annual Birthday Party for Jesus this year and the kids had such a good time! We made Christmas Tree Ornaments with the kids and then watched the story of baby Jesus unfold before celebrating with cupcakes and caprisuns.

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 004

Cori and I making a Snowman ornament.

Watching the kids act out the story of Jesus was absolutely adorable. We had Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Shepherd, and the 3 Kings. Oh, it was precious!

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 010

Mary (Evie) and Joseph (Jackson) with their sweet baby, Jesus


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 012

The Shepherd (JJ) came to tell everyone the good news


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 016

Then, the 3 Kings (Owen, Beckett, and Dylan) came bearing gifts


Once the scene was over and all the kids went to grab their cupcakes, Cori decided she needed a closer look at baby Jesus…

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 020


After watching that short play, she has wanted to read her storybook Bible every night before bed and lingers on the page with baby Jesus in the manger. I don’t know how much one-year-olds remember, but she sure remembers baby Jesus and it’s the sweetest thing!



And earlier this week week we had our annual Family Group Christmas Party! Dave made chili (mmmm), I made hot apple cider, and the rest of the group brought snacks to share. It’s always a fun time! We have a white elephant gift exchange every year, but no one is supposed to buy anything for it. You are supposed to find something in your house that you don’t want anymore, wrap it up nicely, and put it under the tree. People end up with the most random gifts, but it’s so fun!! Here is a picture from this years get-together.

Family Group PS with Text



It’s hard to believe that Christmas eve is tomorrow. I pray that each of you finds the time to thank the Lord for all He has given us. Jesus is the true reason for the season … not Sana or gifts or reindeer or Frosty. While all of those things are fun, they are not the reason we celebrate.

“I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all the people.”

Luke 2:10

Merry Christmas!!

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Charon Benton said...

WOW! ! Busy, busy, fun fun!!!! I missed the cookie exchange this year. : (

Our church did a similar table thing a few years ago and called it TableTalk. It was cute!