Thursday, December 9, 2010

What I love about you … week 47, 48, 49

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week 47, 48, 49

Oh Sweet Cori,

As we approach your 1st birthday, there are so many things I love about you. I know I say this often, but each moment with you is pure joy. It is my prayer that you know just how loved you are and will feel secure in that for the rest of your life!


  • Watching you eat. It is hilarious! You are such a voracious eater. I particularly enjoyed watching you eat black beans at Moes the other day. By the end, you were covered in beans!! It was also late and you were delirious! :)

Thanksgiving and Tree Shopping 043

  • Seeing you interact with Maverick more. However, he now sits next to you in your high chair during meals and sometimes I catch you feeding him your food. You also let him lick your fingers pretty much after each bite. Yuck!

Thanksgiving and Tree Shopping 023


Cori winter clothes 014

  • Holding your hand in the car. It’s quite the reach for me, but I love every second of it and so do you!!
  • Seeing you interact with friends. Your face just lights up!

Cori New 12-2 002

  • Taking you Christmas tree shopping!

Thanksgiving and Tree Shopping 002

  • Decorating the house for Christmas with you here. You LOVE looking at the Christmas tree and pointing at all the decorations. There is a red and a green ball at the bottom of the tree just a few branches from one another. You love to go back and forth pointing at each one as I say, “red,” “green,” “red,” “green.”

Cori winter clothes 001

  • Cori winter clothes 010








  • That you’re going to be a big sister!

  • That I sometimes walk by and find you laying on the floor snugging with and kissing your baby doll. You are going to be such a mothering big sis!
  • That you can’t help but dance when music plays.
  • This picture!!

12 month center

  • Seeing you play with this sweet kitchen at a friends house. Christmas present?!?!?!

CB Randoms 051

  • How you love to snuggle when you’re sick.
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with you.

Thanksgiving 2010 070 photoshop

  • That you are starting to actually snuggle with your blankets when you sleep. So cute!!
  • That last night at 3:30am you woke up and when I went in to check on you, you rested your head on my shoulder as soon as I picked you up. All you wanted was a quick snuggle, then you were back to bed. I love that you love to snuggle with me!!
  • Brushing your teeth! You have 2 bottom teeth and I just felt a top tooth TODAY!! After I brush your teeth, you practice it too!

Cori winter clothes 015

You just woke up in this picture! Can you tell?!?

  • That you pat my arm when I pat and rub your back.
  • That you now know where your head, tummy, tongue, ears, and shoes are!! Oh, and you put your hands together during meal time prayer this morning!!! :) Yay!!
  • Seeing you in your winter clothes!! It’s been SO COLD outside!!

Cori winter clothes 026

  • Your true beauty. You capture my heart!!

cookie exchange and christmas decor 066

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Our babies are getting so big! I love CB's winter hat. :)