Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A 1st Birthday Party to Remember!

Cori Birthday Picture People


We celebrated Cori’s first birthday on Sunday. Her real birthday is the 28th, but being that it is 3 days after Christmas, I thought it would be best to have her birthday party with her friends a little early. :) Unfortunately, this cold weather has gotten most of our friends sick so we were missing a few important guests, but still had a grand time together!

The theme was pink and orange with lots of flowers since that’s how her room is decorated – with some greens as well. Cori LOVES flowers which is also why we decided to decorate that way. It turned out just beautiful and is a day I will remember forever!!

My amazing husband did her invitation. Let me just pause for a second and brag on my hubby. I wanted to order these invitations on Etsy. David took one look at them and said, “I can do that!” So, he did. And they turned out even better than I could have imagined! He is so good like that – crafty and artsy .. oh, and was such a big help cleaning and preparing the house for the party too! Thank you, honey!! :) I love you!

Cori Bday Invitation

He also made Cori a birthday video with pictures and videos of her first year of life. It was precious and made me cry. It starts off with a video of me holding her literally seconds after delivery. She was so tiny. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. I can’t believe she will be a year old next week!

Cori’s birthday festivities began at 2 on Sunday. I spent a lot of time leading up to the big day decorating and preparing our home. Because her birthday is during the holiday season, I made sure to take down a lot of our Christmas decorations for her special day. It turned out beautifully! Here are some pictures of the decorations! …

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 192

Please come in!


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 194

Upon entering the front door


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 029

This special birthday banner that I made hung on the window in our dining room


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 037

The food table … yum!

We had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches cut out in flower shapes, a fruit tray, pigs in a blanket with Dave’s yummy sauce, buffalo chicken cheese dip with chips, and critter mix (animal crackers, chex, teddy grahams, fruit snacks, cheese its, & raisins).


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 028

I made cupcakes for all the kids…


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 048

and a giant sized cupcake for Cori as her smash cake!


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 033

We had pink lemonade and orange soda to drink to go along with our pink and orange theme. Oh, and some Caprisun’s too! :)


We also had 24 balloons thanks to Cori’s daddy. I sent him out the morning of the party to get a few and he came home with 2 dozen, stating that his daughter was more special than a “few balloons.” Ha! They did look great and made the house so festive! Too bad I didn’t take a picture of the bundle before they got disbursed around the house. Cori LOVES balloons and was so excited to see them all. Even after they fell on Monday morning, I kept a few for her to play with on the floor.

The kids had a grand time playing with one another!

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 051

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 059














Here is Willie trying to give her a hug… too cute!

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 053

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 054














After a few snacks and play time, it was time for presents!

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 031


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 076

Reading a Tinker Bell card from Mia (my mom)


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 078


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 079

This vacuum from my mom may have been the hit of the party. It was the first present she opened and she LOVED it! We had to eventually take it away so she could pay attention to her other presents. Ha!


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 088

What’s in here mommy?


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 092


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 094

In both pictures above she is holding a pair of shoes. This girl loves shoes. She is such a girl already! :) I love it!!


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 102


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 108

She also got a Cabbage Patch Doll from Dave’s grandparents and she is completely in LOVE with that doll. It might have even taken precedence over the vacuum. She even had to bring it with her for our family photo! And, it has not left her sight since her party! Ha!


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 100


Now, the much awaited … CAKE!!

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 114

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 118 













The picture on the left was her initial reaction to everyone singing, “Happy Birthday.” :) But within a few moments, she was soaking it in!


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 123

Before “she” blew out her candle…


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 126

and after


She started out so prim and proper eating her cake. She would only eat little pieces of frosting and was very particular about NOT getting messy!

Cori's 1st Birthday Party


Someone showed her how to pick up her cake and stick her whole face in it. After a little coaxing, she gave it a try and ended up SUPER messy! :) Oh, and with a Mohawk thanks to her Auntie Amber!

Cori's 1st Birthday Party1


Before hitting up the tub, she had a quick photo session with some important family members!

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 165

Here she is with her Aunt Lauren and Uncle Lance. They are her God Parents and our very best friends!!


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 170

Here she is with Mia, Granddaddy, and Aunt Amber.


Then it was bath time before our final goodbyes…

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 182


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 183

Look at that water! Yuck!


All the kids took home their goodie bags with a special note from Cori.

Cori's 1st Birthday Party 024


Cori's 1st Birthday Party 190


Thank you to everyone who made Cori’s 1st birthday party so special. It was a memorable day! She is loved by so many people; near and far. We missed those of you who couldn’t make it, but know she has a special place in your heart.


The Helms Family said...

So cute! The party turned out perfect! I cannot believe that she is almost 1! I got your Christmas card! You will probably get ours after Christmas. I'm running a little behind these days! Have a very Merry Christmas! Maybe we can get together before the break is over.

Danielle said...

YES! We definitely need to get together! When do you guys go back to school??

Stephanie said...

We all had such a GREAT time at Cori's birthday party! All the decorations and festivities were so cute!

AMW said...

What a great first birthday party, Danielle! Sorry we missed it!!! Everything looked so adorable and Cori was precious eating her smash cake! Love it all! Great job!

Matt and Christen said...

Adorable Danielle! You did such a good job planning that party. I can't believe she is 1 already. I love the pictures of her with her cake on her face! Cute.