Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I love about you … week 44, 45, & 46


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week 44, 45, & 46

Oh, how I have been slacking these last few weeks!!

(Pardon the similarity in pictures from the last post to this one!)


  • Snuggling with you! When I’m holding you, all I have to say is “snuggle” and you instantly rest your head against my chest or on my shoulder to snuggle with me. My heart melts!!
  • That you give unsolicited kisses all the time!!
  • That you are eating more and more table food .. pasta, peas, green beans, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cheerios, crackers, french fries, skinless grapes, oranges!! You even tried little pieces of chicken from Chik-fil-a the other day and loved it!!

Cori learning 013 photoshop

  • That you know where your head and tummy are!

Cori learning 016 photoshop

  • Cori learning 018 photoshop














  • That you are a great clapper!

Cori learning 020 photoshop

  • Seeing you wave. You have two different kinds of waving – opening and closing your hand, and a regular wave.
  • What a good listener you are. You respond quickly to a simple “no, no” and my “what do you think you are doing” look. I hope you are always this obedient! :)
  • Taking you to the play area in the mall and seeing you explore!
  • Praying with you before meals. We sing a song that goes to the tune of Farashaka. “Thank you God, thank you God. For our food, for our food. And our many blessings, and our many blessings. Amen, amen.”
  • That you dance to music!  You sway back and forth. It’s so cute!!
  • Watching you take things out of baskets and seeing you PUT THEM BACK IN!! :)
  • How good you are at drinking out of your sippy cup.
  • How you sit to play with both legs tucked underneath you.
  • Watching you feed yourself in your high chair!
  • Hearing you say MAMA, and DADA!!

There are so many things I love about you and I hope you know just how loved you are!! :)



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