Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby it’s cold outside!

Our first taste of cold weather here in Florida started Friday. I must say it felt good to get the jackets out! Although, I’m not sure how long it will actually last! I did get some sweet pictures of Cori Belle all bundled up and I wanted to share them! How cute is she?!?! :)

Cori - cold outside 038 photoshop 2

Cori - cold outside 041 photoshop















Cori - cold outside 042 photoshop

Cori - cold outside 048 photoshop















Cori - cold outside 061 hotoshop


Cori - cold outside 060 photoshop

Cori - cold outside 059 photoshop















Cori - cold outside 055 photoshop


Casey and Rebecca said...

I sure hope ya'll have some warmer clothes if you are stlll planning on coming sometime in February!!! She dose look adorable though!

Carrie said...

She is darlin' Danielle. That hat is too precious on her!

Danielle said...

Well, Rebecca, we will have a really cute, warm coat to wear when we come in February thanks to you!! :) So cute!! Thank you!!