Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tiny Tot School

~CB is currently 10.5 months old~


I know, it sure has been a while since I’ve done a Tot School post! We’ve definitely been doing Tot School around our house and CB is learning new skills! As she approaches ONE next month I am excited to have a little more structure and hope to get a lot of Tot School related items for her birthday and Christmas!! :)

CB played a bunch with her Poppin’ Pals. This week we specifically worked on popping the animals out. She is very consistent at pushing the green circle to pop open the panda (as you can see in these pictures) and she even turned the yellow knob to pop out lion (wahoo!!). She claps for herself every time! :)

Cori learning 007 photoshop

Cori learning 008 photoshop















CB also played with her shape sorter and watched intensely as I showed her how to put the shapes into the sorter. By the end of the week she was able to (almost) put the shapes in. I would cover all the other holes and give her the sorter with the open hole. She would place it there, but then needed my help to get it in. Oh, how I love learning time!! :)

~Life (FUN) School~

I debated on whether or not to put these pictures in the Tot School post or the “What I love about you” post I will get up tomorrow… She is learning in them, but I do LOVE these things about her so much! So, you may see these same pics up again tomorrow! :)

CB is eating crackers now!! Real person crackers, not dissolvable baby crackers!! I just can’t believe it! She munches on them with her two bottom teeth. I just LOVE it!!

Cori learning 013 photoshop


We’ve been reading Shake a Leg (it was in the last Tot School post) and in it, all the Sesame Street characters practice different movements. Two of them are “pat your head” and “rub you tummy.” So, we’ve been practicing! Check it out!

Cori learning 016 photoshop

Cori learning 018 photoshop















Then, afterwards, she claps!! YAY!!!

Cori learning 020 photoshop


~Mom’s Favorite~

Just look at that cute little girl! I love the way she is sitting! I could just eat her up!

Cori learning 021 photoshop

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