Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fried Rice and Ice Cream for a Birthday Celebration!

Well, hello there blog world. This may be the longest time I’ve been away. I know I posted a few weeks ago about my conviction not to spend so much time on the computer posting and reading blogs. It’s been good to take a bit of a break, but I am so glad to be back!! I’ve got a lot to update so stay tuned these next few weeks! :)

2 weeks ago we traveled down to Tampa to visit David’s older brother, Ryan, and sis-in-law, Missy, for her 28th birthday. I must admit, I do like living in Gainesville where it is close enough to make visits to Tampa like that, but it’s also far enough away so that David and I can have our own life. An hour drive might be a little better, but 2 hours isn’t too bad either.

Ryan and Missy love Sushi. It’s their thing. For as long as I can remember, Ryan and Missy were always taking their date nights to a Sushi Bar. So, what did Missy want to do for her birthday? Eat Sushi of course! :)

David and I are not too keen on Sushi, but we were in for a treat! We have only been out for Sushi once in all of our dating and married years. I guess when I think of Sushi, I think of raw fish wrapped in cold sea weed and that does NOT sound appetizing to me at all! However, there is a whole different Sushi realm out there – and it’s delicious!

Our meal started with some Crab Rangoon. YUM! It was probably the BEST Crab Rangoon I have ever had! Then, we each had some Miso Soup and Ginger Salad – to die for!! And, finally, the Sushi arrived. We ordered Florida Rolls which had cooked crab and shrimp, rolled in white rice, cream cheese, and guacamole, wrapped in some cooked noodle like texture. OH. MY. GLORIOUSNESS. Ryan and Missy may have made Sushi eaters out of us! :)

However, the best part of all was watching Cori Belle eat. My mother-in-law ordered chicken fried rice for her meal instead of Sushi so she could share with Cori. It was probably the BEST chicken fried rice I have ever tasted. Did I say that earlier about something else?!?! :) Cori literally ate 5 bowls of it and was shoveling every piece into her mouth. At one point the bowl was empty and she picked it up to try to lick it clean. HA! My child does love to eat!!


CB Randoms 033


No birthday party is complete without some birthday desert. The restaurant brought out Green Tea Ice Cream with Sushi like cheesecake wraps all around it. Those wraps were delicious! Cori really liked the ice cream and her Aunt Jamie allowed her to eat almost all of it! She probably had the worst tummy ache after all that fried rice and ice cream!! But, she was the happiest little girl on the block!



I’m so glad we got to celebrate Missy’s 28th birthday with her! It was such a fun time with some outstanding food! Can’t wait to do it again! :)


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Ryan and Missy said...

I love this blog post!! I had crab ragoon last night and thought of you :) Love you and see you next weekend!