Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hey there blogger world! So, one week later, I’m finally getting my Halloween post up! :) I feel like we celebrated Halloween the whole month! Only because CB seemed to have worn her Tinkerbelle costume almost every weekend for some sort of event! We certainly got our monies worth out of that costume!!

We started the month with the purchase of a HUGE pumpkin. Dave was so excited to pick out a pumpkin this year to carve. He was even more excited when he paid 8 dollars the the biggest pumpkin we’ve ever had. So excited, that he wanted to carve it right away. I’m sure you know how that turned out – having to throw it away after only one week of it sitting at our doorstep! Dave was NOT happy about that!! Here is his work station all set up…

Pumpkin Patch 004

And, here he was with his finished product. Proud pumpkin carver! Great job honey!!

Pumpkin Patch 164


Dressing up for Halloween started back on Oct 15th  for our friends Pumpkin Party. I already posted about that, but here’s one more picture of my sweet Tink!

Cori - pumpkin party 022 photoshop


The following weekend, we dressed up for Oktoberfest down in the Haile Village. Cori got to watch her first dance performance that night. She was very impressed. Every year a local dance studio puts on a Thriller performance in the street of the Village. They perform every 30 minutes for a few hours throughout the night. I put Cori on my shoulders for her to watch and she seemed to really like it. The dancers do a stellar job!

Cori certainly got some good use out of her costume that night as she crawled around in the street chasing around a water bottle! :) Her poor tights were ruined! Thankfully, I had a spare pair at home!

Then, the Friday before Halloween, we went trick-or-treating with our friends Willie and Annabelle in Williston. The whole town basically shut down for all the kiddies to trick-or-treat. It was such a fun time! Willie was a dinosaur and Annabelle was a pumpkin. They were the cutest set of trick-or-treaters I have ever seen! :) Here are the 3 of them all posed on the step with Mrs. Lauren (our first stop for some good ‘ole trick-or-treating!)

Cori - Halloween 2010 012


After that, we hit up a few more houses… Here is Cori walking up to the front door with her daddy and her treat bag. She was so excited!!

Cori - Halloween 2010 016

Cori - Halloween 2010 019














Whatever Annabelle was doing, looked super fun!! :)

Cori - Halloween 2010 027


Here is Tink and Pumpkin scoring some candy at our next stop!

Cori - Halloween 2010 036

Cori - Halloween 2010 044














We ended our trick-or-treating with one good family picture, before heading to the Ivy House for dinner!

Cori - Halloween 2010 048


During dinner, CB enjoyed a jolly-rancher (HA!) and Annabelle was checking out the sweeteners! Both of these pictures crack me up every time!!

Cori - Halloween 2010 054

Cori - Halloween 2010 057














Cori wore her costume one last time as we headed to a Resident dinner on Halloween. Our whole family dressed up as Peter Pan and Family!

Cori - Halloween 2010 067

Peter Pan, Tink, and Wendy

Cori did meet another fairy friend who spent some time teaching her how to play the piano. It was so sweet! And, look.. she finally kept her wings on!! :)

Cori - Halloween 2010 065


It sure was an eventful month for us! I hope everyone enjoyed October as much as we did! :) Until next time…

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