Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I LOVE about YOU!! .. week 29 & 30

Today Finley Grace turns 7 months old. Time is flying around here and I just can’t believe that my babies are 2 years and 7 months. I LOVE this age with Finley. She is so much fun and working so hard to start crawling. She will sit on all fours, rocking back and forth, and Cori will lay down next to her and say, “Crawl baby, crawl!!” Watching my two girls interact melts my heart on a daily basis. They are already the best of friends.

Finley smile ps

Miss Finley – 7 months


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Week 29 & 30


  • Seeing your attempts to crawl. You so badly want to chase that sister of yours!!

Finley on all fours ps

Finley on all fours by couch ps

  • Bath time! You LOVE taking baths! At Christmas you took your very first bath without the baby seat. You love sitting in the tub with your sister!!

Finley & Cori in bath ps

  • Swinging at the park. This has pretty much become an afternoon routine. We get up from naps and head to the park or out to the field to play. The weather has just been beautiful lately!!

  • Reading books with you.

Finley reading ps

  • The WONDERFUL sleep schedule we’ve been on for a month straight!! 7pm-7:30/8 am!! I think it’s almost time to move you into your sisters room so mommy and daddy can have their closet back!
  • All the babbling that’s been going on lately. You’ve really started chatting it up in the last 2 weeks. So far, it’s only, “da, da, da, da…” but it’s SO sweet!
  • Taking you to your first Gator Gymnastics meet!

  • How unbelievably beautiful you are!!! I just can’t get over it!

Finley profile ps


Wow, Finley, I love you more than words can even say. You and your sister both. You girls (and your daddy of course) are my true loves. You three are the most precious gifts God could have ever given me. Happy 7 months sweet girl!

Love, your mama :)

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