Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cori Belle says…

Cori in the Tube ps 11x14


Cori is a wealth of words and information these days. Always saying something funny or profound. At least her parents seem to think so! :) A few of my friends have started jotting down what their kids say and then blogging about it once a month. I think I might give it a try. It will be SO much fun to read later on. Here goes…

“I go pay-gound (playground). Wee (swing), and slide!” I hear this request ALL day, probably over 100 times a day. I should keep track one day.


“Moon? Moon? Where’d it go? .. Oh, der it is! Hiding behind trees. Silly Moon.” haha!


“I wub you, mommy.”


As we were leaving the mall the other day, there was a ramp we had to walk up (since I had the stroller with Finley). But there were also stairs to the right and left of the ramp. Cori started veering to the right, heading over to the stairs and said… “Up stairs, mommy. Meet you, K!”


We were listening to “Forever Reign” in the car the other day. Cori calls it the Jesus song. It was getting to the part where they sing “Jesus” over and over again. All the sudden Cori turns to Finley and says, “Baby, you hear it? Jesus!”


“Baby Gace” .. meaning, Finley Grace.


Her response after every picture I take … “Aww, cute!”


We were walking out the the parking lot after gym class one day. She ran ahead of me into the street. I ran after her and grabbed her shirt to stop her. I explained the rules about running ahead of me into the street and told her that I wasn’t ready for her to see Jesus yet. She responded, “Oh, I see Jesus.”


Cori requests to read the story of Jesus calming the storm pretty much every night before bed. Throughout the whole story she repeats, “Jesus, wake up!”


Cori – “Oh, yuk!”

Me – “What?”

Cori – “I eat carpet.”


Upon getting her PJ’s on after a bath, she stood up and announced, “I pretty now!”


Me – “Cori, do you know where Jesus lives?”

Cori -  “In my heart, mommy” as she pointed to her heart.

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Our Family for His Glory said...

How precious! Your girls are so very beautiful (like their mommy)!
Have a blessed day!