Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I LOVE about YOU! … week 31-33

Before I had two children, I always wondered how you could love another child as much as you love your first child. It’s a love that surpasses ALL understanding. I sure do LOVE my girls!!!


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week 31-33


  • What a snuggle bug you are! You are much more snuggly than your big sister. When you get tired you like to curl up in my arms, with your chest against my chest, and your arms and legs tucked underneath you. I love it!
  • That you have officially moved into your sisters room! We moved you in there a few days after my last “what I love about you” post and it’s been going GREAT! You LOVE sleeping in your crib!! So much better than sleeping in a pack and play!

  • Seeing you play. You LOVE just hanging out on the floor playing! No “official” crawling yet, but if you want something bad enough, you can certainly get there. It just takes a little more effort .. like small, short, army crawls!

Finley in green bin

Finley peek a boo green box

Those pots and pans are by far your FAVORITE toy right now!!

  • That sweet smile you give to your sister when she talks to you. You love her so much! I love that.
  • What a big girl you are becoming. I was watching you play on the floor the other day and you seemed so big!! Can’t believe you are almost 8 months!
  • That when your daddy walks into the room, your face lights up! No joke!
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner time! You are eating solids at all three meals now. The funny thing is that you’d SO much rather be eating real people food. You get so mad when we are eating something you want, but can’t have b/c  you have no teeth!! Soon enough, sweet one, soon enough! Until then, you can have all the puffs you want!

Finley eating puffs 1

FInley eating puffs 2















  • Your sweet, silly laugh!
  • That you made me a mommy of TWO!!


I LOVE YOU! And every little thing about you. Your sweet personality is really starting to take shape. I can already tell that you have such a tender heart.

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Caleb & Emily said...

That pic of Finley sleeping is just too cute and totally kills me! How is she getting so big?