Friday, February 17, 2012

Early Risers

Cori has always been a kid that slept from 8pm-8am, sometimes even 8:30am. It was glorious! I always had a morning routine of quiet time and time to blog or work on Premier related things. My friends would tell me that they wish their kids slept that late – they’d have to get up at 4:30 to accomplish anything before their kids would be up. Well friends, this post is for you!

Shortly after Christmas, Cori decided she’d become one of those early risers – waking up at 6am sometimes. I’d walk her back to bed. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t. We eventually got to the point that I could pretty much rely on her getting up at 6:15 EVERY morning. It was making me crazy!! And, she was getting SO tired by 10:30, it was messing up the way she felt all day. I tried telling her to wait until the sunshine came through her window, but that didn’t work either.

So, I emailed my friend Amanda who had told me about this Moon/Sun clock while we were visiting our family in Tampa over Christmas. I distinctly remember our conversation over the holidays thinking, “My child sleeps ‘til 8! I’ll never need that!” HA! Oh, boy did I need it now! Amanda responded to my email within minutes and I was on the website ordering it! It’s called the Good Nite Lite. And it works like a charm!!


So, it’s a night light with a digital clock in the back. You set the clock for the “moon” to come on when it’s bed time and the “sun” to shine when it’s time to wake up. Cori is very into the moon these days, so she was super excited to have a “moon” in her room at night. We explained to her that she could not get up in the morning until the sun was shining. It worked from moment one! That very next morning, promptly at 7 am, which is the time we had set for the sun to start shining, she was at her door knocking. When I opened the door, she announced, “Mommy, look! I wake up when sunshine wake up!” It was amazing!

So, for all you parents out there who have early risers, I HIGHLY recommend the Good Nite Lite. Cori has been getting more sleep and I have been getting time to myself with a cup of coffee and my bible. It’s been glorious! Have I said that yet?! :) And, this morning, I even had time to write this post for ya’ll. We’re off to a GREAT Friday!!

You can learn more about the Good Nite Lite here.


Immeasurably More Mama said...

Oh, girl! I have one early riser and when I say "early riser" I'm talking usually before 6 AM!!! We have tried the sunshine through the window talk, a regular digital clock, walking him back to his bed, etc. Nothing has worked. Buying this light RIGHT NOW!!! :)

The Marino Family said...

What a neat idea!! I need that for Michael. We have gone through times where he's up at 5:30am. As of right now, he's sleeping in till 7:30. Glad you sun in working!!

Danielle said...

Mandi -- I was thinking specifically of you when I wrote this post!! You must try it! It's been 100% successful from day one! :)

Carrie said...

WOW! I am excited. Danielle, you may have made my day. I WILL be ordering one of these for Allie Claire, who rises at 5:30 EVERY morning of her little life. Thanks :)