Tuesday, January 24, 2012

“I see Princess!”

Those are the words I’ve been hearing around my house for the last two weeks! It goes something like this…

“I see Pin-cess (princess)!” says Cori.

“Who was your favorite Princess?” asks Mommy.

“Ti - bell!” (tinkerbell)

“What did Tinkerbell do?”

“Fly! Boom!” (the boom is in reference to the fireworks that went off around the castle after Tinkerbell flew from the top of the castle. Oh, the wonderful minds of children!)

Last Tuesday Dave and I packed up the girls and took them to Disney World for Cori’s 2nd Birthday. Most people say that kids at age two are too young for Disney because they won’t remember, but I disagree! Not only does my girl continue to talk about the princesses daily, but she had SO much fun in the moment while she was there, and that’s what matters.

It’s actually quite funny – each day when Dave gets home from work, he asks Cori how her day was. Ever since we’ve gotten back from Disney she has responded, “I see Pin-cess!” with more excitement on her face than I can even describe. Apparently, she is obsessed with the princesses! :) It’s all she can talk about.


Family Picture - Magic Kingdom Enterance


Our family had such a great day at Disney! Finley would nurse, hang out in the stroller, then fall asleep in the Ergo. She pretty much repeated that pattern all day long. Cori was a trooper! She walked most of the time, but also took rides in the stroller and on our backs. She completely skipped her afternoon nap (we were at the park from 9:30am-8:30pm) and did GREAT!

The first thing we did upon entering the park was visit with the princesses. CB sure did talk a big talk about meeting those princesses, but when it actually came time to meet them, she was not so sure. I had to hold her as we visited with Cinderella, Belle, and Aurora. She held her hands in her mouth the whole time (as she does when she is nervous). I really do think she liked getting to see them though. It was ALL (and still is ALL) she can talk about afterwards!!

Cori & Cinderella ps


Cori was tall enough to do the Race Car ride with me. She also rode the tea-cups, the carousel, the magic carpet ride, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan, Adventures with Pooh, the Haunted House, the Flying Space Ships, and climbed the Swiss Family Robinson Tree. She had a blast!

Teacup fun!

Magic Carpet Ride – this was her FAVORITE!!

Loving the Carousel

Yep, we rode it twice!

Trying hard to pull out that sword!!

Waiting in line with mommy!

Waiting in line with daddy!

Sooo tired by the end of the day!


We watched the show in front of the castle with all the Disney characters. She loved that!!


And, of course, we took a family picture in front of the castle. (Just don’t pay attention to the guy and his daughter bent over behind us – HA!)

Family Picture - Magic Kingdom Castle


It truly was a spectacular day and I already can’t wait to go back! We got a 4 day pass to use before we leave for Birmingham. I never thought I’d look forward to heading back to Disney world this much in my life! It was magical! :)


The following day, we headed to Animal Kingdom. I took my 3rd graders to Animal Kingdom every year for their end-of-the-year field trip and remember it being such an amazing place for kids. And, I’m sure it is, but our day there didn’t start out as planned. The first thing we did upon entering the park was to go see “A Bugs Life.” Well, I must have blocked out how very scary that show is for kids!! The bugs are mean and HUGE plastic spiders drop from the ceiling for crying out loud!!! Cori was NOT a fan and spent the entire show with her face buried in her daddy’s chest. After that, she was pretty timid about everything!!!

Animal Kingdom does have a new Finding Nemo musical that she enjoyed. But her FAVORITE part of Animal Kingdom was the “Dig Site play area.” We spent about 45 minutes just playing in there. She loved it!!


Unfortunately, rain hit around noon and the radar showed it raining ALL DAY! So, we cut our day short and headed to Ikea (my favorite store of all time!!). We may have to use one of our days to take a trip back to Animal Kingdom. But we will NOT be seeing A Bugs Life again!! :)

Until next time…

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