Thursday, January 12, 2012

The HEART of the matter

It’s 6:57 am as I start my blog post this morning. It’s been a great night/morning. I got a full night’s rest from 11pm-5:30am this morning when Finley woke up to nurse. I made a warm cup of coffee and sat down in the kitchen with my bible. Cori did wake up at 6:30 and think it was time to start her day, but I kindly escorted her back to bed. :) I started a new bible study last night called Here and Now … There and Then. A Lecture Series on Revelation by Beth Moore. Wow, is it good. Although I expect nothing less from a Beth Moore bible study! My sister is doing this study with me and I’m SO excited about that!

“Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it.” Rev. 1:3

Oh, wow. That is good. How many times have you read the word of God and shut your bible thinking, “Check. I’ve read my bible today. Done.”? Hmm, I hate to say it, but I have. God’s word is so much more than words on a page. I want to hear his word and most importantly, take to heart what he said.

I’m reading Acts in my daily study of scripture. In Chapter 15 verse 8, Paul talks specifically about God knowing our hearts. Jesus came to show us that all God cares about is our heart. Our actions and everything we do and say come directly from our hearts. Oh, how I pray for my heart to be changed by the word of Christ that I may take to heart all that he has said.

In the middle of Act chapter 15, my bible has a few maps drawn in it. The maps of Paul’s journeys to spread the Gospel.



Did that guy travel, or did he travel?!? Talk about a guy who read the word, heard the word, and took to heart the word of the Lord. His sole purpose in life was spreading the love of Jesus all over the place! Shouldn’t that be our sole purpose as well? In all we do and everywhere we go?

When I look at that map of Paul’s Missionary Journeys I feel a very strong calling to be more like Paul. I tell David all the time that I feel like God has something like this in store for our family. It’s something that we will be praying about and seeking the Lord for guidance, but something in me says that God desires for our family to live elsewhere (like another country elsewhere) to share his love to others. I think it’s a few years down the road, but we will see what God has in store.

Praying for a heart transformation, for you and for me, that we may truly have a heart changed for the glory of the Lord.

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Lacy said...

From our first two months of dating, Jonathan and I have always said we wanted to be like Paul. So there with you, girl. Except not at 5:30...I am passed out then...