Saturday, January 14, 2012

6 Months

January 1 not only brought in the new year, but it also marked the day that Miss Finley turned 6 months old! Wow! 6 months. What a milestone!


Finley Grass


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week 22-28

Here’s to playing catch-up!


  • The way your cheeks are always so rosey!
  • The way you love to trace my face with your fingers. You are always reaching up and touching my face – my eyes, my nose, my mouth. Sometimes you take both hands and touch both my cheeks. I LOVE those moments with you.
  • Watching you try to crawl. You have been pulling your legs up underneath you and pushing up on all fours. You aren’t really going anywhere yet, but you certainly are trying!! You do like to roll over and over in order to get yourself closer to the action – aka, your older sister! :)
  • Your excitement to try new foods! I just wish solids didn’t make you so constipated!!
  • Your current sleep schedule of 7:30 pm to sometimes 8 am!! Girl, these last 6 weeks have been up and down with sleep routines. Your momma has spent quite a few nights up with you and I’m SO thankful for the sleep you’ve given me for the last few days. PLEASE, let’s keep it that way! :)
  • The BEAUTIFUL laughter between you and your sister.
  • Watching you interact with your toys. You have some favorites and you love playing with Cori’s dollhouse people.
  • Snuggling with you, hugging you, kissing your sweet face, gazing into your eyes,  holding your hand, nursing you, etc. etc. etc.
  • Being your momma, plain and simple!

Sweet Finley,

In your 6 months of life you have added so much joy to our home. You are such a precious baby and we love you more than words can even express!! You had your 6 month old check-up yesterday and here are your stats…

25.5 inches long

13.11 lbs

You are just as petite as your sister who weighed 13.2 lbs and 25 inches at her 6 month check-up. I LOVE my little girls!! :)

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