Friday, July 29, 2011

What I love about YOU … week 3 & 4

The weeks are passing by quickly and Finley is 4 weeks old today!

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  • The way you smile when you’re fast asleep. I like to image that you are having the BEST dream!
  • Your daddy’s calming effect he has on you. He breaks out those 5 S’s from Happiest Baby on the Block and your as calm as calm could be!

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  • The sweet peach fuzz on your skin.
  • The little wrinkles in-between your joints.
  • Putting bows on another little girl!!! (No matter what your grandma says!!!) Love you YaYa! :)

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  • Kissing you on the lips! Those lips are SO sweet!
  • That you are staying awake for longer periods during the day. I LOVE staring into those big beautiful eyes!

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  • Snuggling with you before bed time. It’s pretty much the only time during the day (other than CB’s nap time) that we get to be together, just you and me!
  • That the day before you turned 3 weeks old, your sleep schedule improved tremendously. As Jack Johnson would say, 3 is the magic number! … What a sleeping beauty!

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  • SISTER pictures!!!

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  • Seeing you worn out from sisterly love!

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I love you, sweet one!!

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