Monday, July 25, 2011

Adventure Racing!

Last weekend Dave and I took the girls down to Tampa for Finley’s first visit. While we were there, the boys (Dave, his dad, and Ryan) registered for a last minute adventure race on Friday night. These adventure races seem to be more and more popular these days and my SIL, Rebecca, even did one over the weekend up in MN. Although, hers was a mud run and looked WAY cooler! So fun!! Go Rebecca!

So, with a few rain clouds in the sky, Dave, Ryan, and Joe headed down to Picnic Island for the race, while the girls (me, Missy, Jamie, Jona, Cori, Finley, and Missy’s friend Megan) all headed down to watch. It sure was a lot of fun!!


Here they are getting ready to run! Of course they had to be in the front of the pack! There was something like 700 people there!!



One of the obstacles – crawling under the net through the sand. There were lots of other obstacles – hurdles, tires, swimming, etc.



Go David!! This was the last obstacle before the finish line. They had to run through the water out to a buoy and back in. David did great, finishing the 3.6 mile run along with all the obstacles in 27 minutes!! Ryan was close behind him with a 28 minute finish and Joe came trailing in around 30 minutes. They all did GREAT!!



Here they are after finishing the race. Apparently the first few runners in got a glass cup. Joe was so sad he didn’t get one! So, he held up his Gatorade cup instead! :)



Our sweet family of FOUR!!



















More pictures of our Tampa trip to come…

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