Monday, July 11, 2011

Time Flies…

Man it’s hard keeping up with this blogging thing with 2 kids! I barely have a free second to sit down! At the moment, I currently have one child up from her nap WAY TOO EARLY but still in her crib playing quietly and another child asleep (finally) on the couch. I do love that you can lay a sleeping newborn down anywhere (as long as her older sister isn’t around to try and pick her up!).

Finley is now 1 wk and 3 days old. Hard to believe! But, we haven’t seemed to slow down a bit. Here are some things we’ve been up to…

Our first Sunday at church! Finley was born on a Friday. We came home Saturday. And, headed out to church on Sunday. Everyone thought I was crazy. Maybe I am! :) But, I actually thought it would be easier to head off to church where Cori could play with her friends in the nursery while Dave, Finley, and I enjoyed some time hearing from the Lord. It turned out to be a great day!

Finley's here! 001


The next day, Monday, was the 4th! We headed out to a friends house for some 4th festivities – down home southern cooking, lawn chairs, kiddie pools, and a 50 ft. slip and slide. It doesn’t get much better than that! Cori had a great time playing with all the kids and she had a BLAST running and sliding down the slip and slide (with help from her daddy of course!). Finley enjoyed the shade while everyone took turns holding her. Pure sweetness!

Finley's here! 051













Finley's here! 032

Finley's here! 035

Finley's here! 046













Finley's here! 048

LOVE this picture!!

Tuesday, we headed in for Finley’s first doctors appointment. She was up to 7lbs 12oz (almost back to birth weight) and measuring 20 inches. She checked out to be a very healthy baby and we couldn’t have been more pleased! Big sister Cori got to come along and was very concerned when her little sister got her heal pricked. Anytime Finley cries, Cori tears up a little too. What a tender heart she has!


Wednesday was a lazy day around the house. Finley took lots of naps and Cori had fun wearing mommy and daddy’s shoes around the house while we did some house cleaning.

Finley first wk home 025

Finley first wk home 026

Finley first wk home 031

Finley first wk home 013

Finley first wk home 040















Thursday, I ventured out to Mom’s Group with both kids ALONE (in their first set of matching outfits – I WISH I had taken a picture!!)! It wasn’t too bad and Cori was such a big girl walking into church by herself. She even marched right into her class, sat down at the snack table, and waved bye to me!! She usually cries a little when I leave her, but not anymore! They grow up fast! … Dave’s mom also came to visit Thursday afternoon and took Finley and I to the mall! Cori got to have some daddy time while Finley and I had some girl time.


Friday, my college roommate, who is an incredible photographer, came to take newborn pictures of Finley as well as some family photos of us. It was a LONG day as none of our children wanted to cooperate!! Stephanie was at our house from 11-3 and it wasn’t until the last hour that we finally got some good pictures – I mean REAL good pictures!!! I can’t wait to see them! :)  … We also headed to Chick fil a for dinner dressed as cows for Cow Appreciation Day. I you wore cow attire, you ate for FREE!! It was a blast!!

Finley's here! 101















Finley's here! 089

Finley's here! 104


Saturday, we headed off to a pool party for Dave’s resident class. Finley slept in the K’tan the entire time and Cori had a ball in the pool! Swim lessons have made her fearless in the water and she LOVES the pool! At one point she found someone’s ring floatie, got in it, and began kicking out to where she couldn’t reach the bottom!! She didn’t even seem to care, she just kicked along like such a big girl!


Well, and here we are … Monday again. Today has been a pretty good day – swim lessons for Cori, a trip to Lowes, a trip to Publix, lunch and naps. Dave had to head into work for a few hours so I’m learning what life will be like when he’s back at work full time and I’m at home with TWO kids!! My child who was playing quietly is now screaming for mommy and my other sweet angel is still asleep, but will need to nurse again in the next few minutes. There isn’t much down time here in our home at the moment, but I am grateful for my two healthy children and my amazing husband. I think going from one to two kids is much harder than going from zero to one. Seriously, two kids makes having one a walk in the park!! All you mammas out there with one baby – enjoy it!! :)

Well, I’m off to play with my kiddos! I’ll try to post again soon – and I’ll try to take more pictures! That’s one thing I’ve been slacking on – picture taking!! Love to you all!


Stephanie said...

Well I am glad to hear I will have it easy! Im going from 1 to 4. Which completely bypasses 1 to 2. But in all reality I am getting a little nervous!!! I love all the pics!!! The girls look too cute!

Sarah said...

I saw your husband and Cori at ChickFilA for breakfast. She was really cute with her tail. :o) Congratulations! I'm super impressed with your first week home. I still feel like I'm adjusting and Cam is 4 months. lol