Friday, July 15, 2011

What I love about YOU … week 1 & 2

I can’t believe that Finley is TWO WEEKS old TODAY!!

I blogged almost every week about what I loved about Cori Belle as she grew from one week to one year. I actually just went back in my blog book from last year and so enjoyed reading all the things I loved about my little girl as she grew. Those memories are so precious and fully engrained in my mind. It’s something I want to do with every child and so it begins with sweet Finley Grace.

what i love button



  • Holding another tiny baby. You are so beautiful to me.

  • That you enjoy taking baths. You have not cried once during bath time and really seem to like the warm water rushing over your body.

first bath and more 014

first bath and more 018

And your big sister LOVED helping/watching you in the tub!

first bath and more 012

  • Watching your sister give you kisses. I really feel like she could kiss you ALL DAY and not get tired of it. You are one loved little baby!

first bath and more 007

first bath and more 009

  • That you slept the best you’ve ever slept last night!! We’ve been struggling a little bit in the swaddling and going to sleep at night category, but last night you did great! You nursed at 9:30 pm, 2:30 am, and 6 am. The best part was that you didn’t mind getting re-swaddled and you went right back to sleep with no fidgeting or fussiness! Praise Jesus!
  • Taking you and your sister for walks in the double BOB. It’s such a peaceful time. Now if only it didn’t feel like a swamp outside!!
  • That we are finally getting into the swing of nursing and it doesn’t hurt mommy so much anymore. It’s such a sweet bonding time with you.
  • When you curl your little legs up to your chest.
  • When your eyes are open and I can tell you are just taking in the world around you.
  • The way you poke out your bottom lip when you’re done nursing.
  • Being a mommy to TWO precious girls! God is so GOOD!

first bath and more 030 ps

This is definitely NOT the best picture of me, but hey … I’ve got both my girls and that’s what matters! Right?!? :)

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