Sunday, July 31, 2011

Swim Lesson Graduate!

Friday was CB’s last day of swim lessons!! She did great!

We enrolled Cori in ISR (Infant Swim Resource) back in June. It’s a 10 minute daily lesson with the child and the instructor. We didn’t always get to go everyday because of all those Florida afternoon thunderstorms, so it took her a little bit longer than it would have otherwise. She definitely cried the ENTIRE 10 minutes, everyday we went to lessons, but that didn’t seem to change her love for the pool! And, as bad as this sounds, she looked pretty cute (and slightly pathetic, but mostly cute) as she cried. :)

She learned to swim and to turn over to float when she ran out of air. She would then float to the wall, where she would turn herself upright to climb out of the pool. It amazing how quickly kids learn to hold their breath, swim, and float. Watching Cori learn to swim reminded me just how important it is for kids to know these skills as early as possible – especially living in Florida where water is everywhere! … David is working in the ER right now and actually had a 2 year-old child come in yesterday who fell in the pool and almost drown. He was in the pool for 2 minutes before his parents found him and is now in the PICU. Pray for him. I am so thankful that if my child fell into the pool, she would know what to do to survive.

ISR graduate 035

getting ready to “fall in”


ISR graduate 036

just keep swimming…


ISR graduate 037

all the way to the wall!!



ISR graduate 024

practicing her float…


ISR graduate 030

all the way to the wall…


ISR graduate 031

then turn to get out!


She did so great, but she also had a FABULOUS swim instructor! Ms. LaVonne put up with a lot of crying, but we couldn’t thank her enough for her hard work with our little girl!! Cori got a trophy for completing ISR. Her first trophy! She was so excited!! So were we! :) We changed her into some dry clothes and took a family picture of her very exciting milestone of learning to swim. I’m sure we will take a re-fresher course next summer, but we will be doing LOTS of swimming until the cold weather hits!

ISR graduate 040


We took a trip to the park to celebrate her accomplishment. Dave had the day off from work so we got to spend the day together as a family. It was so nice!

ISR graduate 041

ISR graduate 046

Until next time…


Immeasurably More Mama said...

Very impressive. She does look really cute. :)

Stephanie said...

YaY way to go Cori Belle !!!

luky begum said...

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