Monday, July 25, 2011

More pictures from Tampa…

While we were in Tampa last weekend Finley got to meet her newest little cousin, Jona. Jona is just 3 weeks older than Finley and it was so sweet to see them together! We got a few pictures before bedtime one night…

F & C 005

Jona & Finley


F & C 010

Jona – look at my muscles! :)


F & C 011

Finley – taking it all in!


Cori got to ride on the boat during our visit and she LOVED every minute of it! Actually, she was a little unsure at first. Mainly because she couldn’t move as easily as she’d like in that life jacket, but by the end she was in her element – Mohawk and all! It was so cute to see her in her little life jacket!

F & C 020

F & C 048













F & C 023


She even got to swim in the lake with her daddy, Uncle Ryan, and Aunt Missy! SO much fun!!

F & C 033

F & C 030

F & C 034


And, to top off a great day of boating – a little wakeboarding by Dave and Ryan. Cori sure thought that was a sight to see!!

F & C 040

F & C 041

F & C 039


After our boat ride, we all went in to cook dinner. Dave was in charge of dinner because Mama Smith was out of town. I decided that we should have skewers (YUM) so Dave and his dad did a little shopping and cooking.

F & C 015

The preparation


F & C 054

Ready to serve - we had pineapple, tomato, onion, green pepper, orange pepper, shrimp, and chicken served over fried rice. Oh, and a yummy salad. DELICIOUS!


We stopped in for a visit with my grandparents before heading home. My grandpa just had surgery to put in a pacemaker. He is doing much better after the operation. It was so wonderful to see them, as always!

F & C 055

My sister Amber, grandma Dee Dee, and me

There’s my grandpa in the background looking cool in his sunglasses!

Until next time…


Sarah said...

looks like such a fun weekend!! So, are you from Tampa?

Ryan and Missy said...

Dani, those pics of Jona and Finley are sooo sweet! Megan has more photos from that weekend.. I'll make sure I send them over to you when I get them!