Monday, September 10, 2012

Smocked Sisters

Now that we truly live in the “south”, Smocking is all around!! I do have to admit, I love me some smocked dresses. Dave says that his boy will NOT be wearing smocked outfits, but we will see. :) I ordered some matching dresses off Zuililly and took some pictures of the girls in them the other day. This is actually their first set of matching dresses yet! I didn’t want to go crazy buying smocked stuff before Finley was walking, but now, let the matching begin! I already ordered them some precious smocked matching dresses for Christmas. Thank you Zuililly (and my husband for supporting my small obsession – love you!!).

Don’t they just look adorable?!


sisters 2

Finley profile


FInley 2

mommy and finley


What precious babes I have!! I am one blessed mama and I love my girls oh so much!!!


Carrie said...

So sweet, Danielle! Adam and I just had the no more smocking on our boy talk the other day :(

Aimee Reeves said...

Dresses are adorable!!