Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Little Gymnast

A few weeks ago we signed Cori up for gymnastics. We had been wanting to try out gymnastics when we lived in Gainesville, but prices were just so expensive. Well, here in Birmingham, there is a church about 15 minutes from us that has an incredible recreational center!! Recreation includes gymnastics, ballet, karate, a gym for adults and some awesome bootcamp style workout classes for me at a very reasonable price! We actually spend 3 days a week over there at their recreation center! We just love it!

Cori is absolutely LOVING gymnastics. She can forward roll all by herself and flip backwards over things. She is one of the strongest 2 and a half year olds I know! Of course, I’m not saying she is the next Olympic gymnast – that would be a bit too far! HA! But, she is a natural flipper for sure!

Here are some pictures from her first day of gymnastics…

Cori watching


Cori standing still


Cori roll


Cori on bar


Cori beam


Cori arms up


She is having a BLAST and talks about gymnastics ALL the time!! We actually have gymnastics today and she keeps asking me when we are leaving to go. Ha! Can’t wait to see the things Finley loves to do too!

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