Sunday, September 9, 2012

Homeschool for a 2 1/2 -year old

I have been working hard on starting “school” this year with Cori. I’m still not 100% sure that we will be an official homeschooling family, but we are taking this year to try it out. We are using a Letter of the Week curriculum from an amazing homeschool blog called Confessions of  Homeschooler. The curriculum is pretty much already laid out for me, which is nice! I have just been spending a lot of time printing, cutting, and laminating in the last few weeks.. and making a few adjustments to make it personal to what my girl needs. Takes me back to my days as a Kindergarten teacher, but I love that I now get to teach MY little girl.

We are focusing on one letter a week with a bible verse (song) to go along with each letter. We are using Songs for Sapplings for our bible verses. Why re-create the wheel when there is already so many great resources out there for us to use?! Love that!!

First, let’s take a look at our school room! We have a little nook off the kitchen. Probably meant for a breakfast nook, but we have turned it into an office/school room. Works perfect!


David made these for me for my birthday. I found them on Pottery Barn Kids and just HAD to have them! Too bad they retailed for $180 each. Dave made all three for $100! I LOVE my handy man husband!!


This is underneath the three boards David made. Helps me stay organized!


And, of course, our calendar. I LOVE Morning Meeting!!

We officially started last Tuesday (after Labor day – the way it should be!) Here is a picture of my two girls on our first school day!!

first week of school - cori and finley 














Coloring the letter “A”

Cori coloring

finley coloring














Finley spends every morning doing “Morning Meeting” with us, then Cori and I wait to start our school activities until Finley goes down for a nap. It just works better that way so we can really focus. She did AWESOME this week! She can pick out the letter “a” in words and sentences. She knows the difference between a “Big A” and “Little A”, she has a bible verse memorized, does a great job with one to one correspondence, can trace pretty well for a 2 year old, really understands weather, etc. The list goes on. She is one bright little girl and amazes me everyday with what she knows and how easily she learns something new!! Check out a few of our activities this week…

cori lining letter a

Lining manipulatives along the uppercase and lowercase letter “A”

COri matching letters

Matching shapes

Cori soring

Sorting by size

cori tracing


cori smiling

Being excited about school and having an apple for a snack!

We really had a GREAT first week in school. She even woke up on Saturday morning asking to do school! Love it! We start the letter “E” tomorrow and can’t wait!

Until next time…

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Matt and Christen said...

LOVE your school update. I can totally get the picture of what you do. You are so talented and I can see your passion for your girls and teaching are perfectly matched with school. :)