Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy 30th to my hubby!!!

Almost a month ago my handsome hubby turned the big 30! Where has a month come and gone?! Dave had such a special birthday this year! Our dear friends, Lance and Lauren came to visit, as well as his little sister Jamie. We found out that we were having a BOY. And, Dave got baptized. Doesn’t get much better than that!!

The morning of his birthday, Lance and Lauren flew in. We picked them up from the airport and headed off to the doctors office for our OB apt. Lance and Lauren watched the girls in the waiting room while we headed back to see our newest little addition. We told the ultrasound tech that we didn’t want to know the gender and asked if she could just place a picture and the secret information in an envelope for us. She checked out our little baby from head to toe and all looked good! We closed our eyes as she checked out the area down below and went on with our apt.

When we left the doctors office, we headed over to my new friend, Brooke’s, house to give her the info. She then called the bakery where I had ordered a birthday cake for Dave to tell them whether to fill the inside of the cake with pink or blue!!

We even got a babysitter so Lance, Lauren, Dave, and myself could go out to celebrate his birthday!! We went to Flip Burger, which if you’ve never heard of before, is AMAZING!!! It’s a fancy little gourmet burger joint that overlooks the mountains that surround Birmingham, with a part of the city in the valley below. It’s such a beautiful view and some of the best food I’ve ever had!!! They also have THE most delicious milkshakes EVER!!!

Lance decided a picture of the food was a must! We got 4 completely different burgers and cut them in fourths so we could try more of a variety. SO GOOD!!! I think it has become the “go to” place for all visitors! We even took Dave’s dad there when he came to visit earlier this month.




After dinner, I pulled the cake out to tell Dave about the big reveal. Up until this point, he wasn’t quite sure how I was pulling off telling him the gender.

Dave did the honors and cut a piece out… and the inside was…


We spent the next few minutes talking about WHAT we were going to do with a boy! We are so excited to change things up a bit, but definitely feel a little nervous about it at the same time. The more I think about having a boy though, the more God reminds me about the little warrior He has given us and the BIG plans He has for him! I’m SO excited about that!

Saturday morning we headed off to the Farmer’s Market. We have an AMAZING Saturday Farmer’s Market here. Also a key place to take incoming visitors! ha! Cori and I get some delicious homemade popsicles every time we go and we enjoy the live music and food samples. They also have some BEAUTIFUL wildflowers for sale too!

We picked up Jamie from the airport, had a quick stop at the Vulcan, and then ate lunch at Dreamland BBQ – a famous BBQ spot here in Birmingham, known for their ribs. It was delicious!

Everyone came to church with us on Sunday morning. Later that afternoon, we headed back up to church for something Dave had been looking forward to for a while now. When Dave first got saved, he really didn’t think all too much about baptism. It’s something our parents did when we were babies right? Well, sort of, yes, but no. Depends on what church you were raised in, but the bible says that baby baptism is really a dedication for the parents and family to raise a baby up to know the Lord. Getting baptized should be something a person chooses for themselves, much like Jesus chose to be baptized when he was 30 before he started his ministry. Jesus was 30. Dave was 30. Just one more reason he was so excited! :)

Cori first week of school 213

Our church does water baptism on the first Sunday of every month. It’s a full-fledged, get dunked in the tub type of thing. There were 30 people there that day making the choice to get baptized. So cool. Dave was the last one in line. Cori watched in anticipation for her daddy’s turn. She was just amazed by the whole experience and clapped so proudly for every person as they made a public claim to follow the Lord. She is such a precious little girl with a beautiful heart. I just adore her!

Cori first week of school 217

Finally, it was Dave’s turn. Let’s tell the story in pictures…

Cori first week of school 220

Cori first week of school 221

Cori first week of school 222

Cori first week of school 223

Cori first week of school 225

I am so incredibly proud of my husband. I love that he loves the Lord. I trust him to lead our family because I know he is a man who seeks the Lord in all he does. I am so blessed to be married to him. I am so proud of the legacy he is leaving for our children. Cori talks about her daddy getting baptized all the time. Just the other night I was tucking her into bed when she said, “Mommy, I get baptized like daddy when I get bigger. Daddy loves Jesus. I love Jesus too.” Those are words that melt a mama’s heart. I know that she is 2 and that she doesn’t really understand what her daddy did, but I just love the pure faith of a child. And, I pray everyday that she will be a woman of God’s great influence one day.

We couldn’t have had a better weekend and we are so thankful for the visitors we had to celebrate Dave’s birthday with. What a wonderful time of rest, fun, and reverence.

Cheers to being 30, honey! I LOVE you!!

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