Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sweet Finley Grace

My sweet Finley has been neglected lately on the blog – well, a lot of things have been neglected lately on the blog! I’m trying not to condemn myself over that one, but that’s for another day. Today, it’s all about Finely Grace!

Finley closed smile

My precious girl is 13 months old now. I just don’t know where the time has gone. She has quite the personality and I just LOVE seeing her act like a “big girl”. She started walking about 2 weeks ago and gets faster and better at it day after day. She is practically running after her big sister now and thinking that she is quite grown up. Our church has this amazing indoor playground that we stop to play in every Sunday after service. This past Sunday Finley wanted to be right in that play area with the big kids. She was trying to follow Cori up the steps, into the tunnel tubes, and on through to the side. She was so mad I wouldn’t let her!! She could have cared less about getting trampled on, she just wanted to be BIG!

Finley walking

Now that she is walking, she loves shoes!! She gets to exited when I tell her that we are going to put her shoes on. She grabs her feet and and tries her best to put her shoes on herself. She is also VERY into baby dolls. Her and Cori have each picked out one specific baby doll from their collection of many to have as their special “baby.” I love watching Finley hold her baby, rock her baby, and pat her baby on the back. Kids are so  instinctual.

The girl also LOVES food!! She has pretty much always been this way since we started solids. She is our good eater, while Cori Belle is our pickier eater. We can put pretty much anything in front of Finley and it she seriously can’t shove it down her throat fast enough, especially at dinner time! We have been eating dinner promptly at 5:30 these days. And, what’s funny is right at 5:30, whether dinner is actually ready or not, Finley marches over to her high chair and requests to get in. What an internal clock that girl has!!

We have been gearing up to actually home school pre-school this year so I have created some special book bins for both girls. I often find Finley just sitting on the floor next to her bin, reading books. I truly love that both my kids like to read. She also LOVES to draw!! We have an easel set up in our “Home School Room,” which is just off our kitchen. She will stand there for almost 15 minutes, completely content, drawing on the easel at times. … She also loves puzzles, building blocks, pushing the baby stroller around, and pretty much ANYTHING ELSE her big sister enjoys doing.

Finley looking over shoulder

She is talking A LOT! Not saying much of anything specific at the moment. She can say “mama” and “dada” but she prefers just to pretend she is talking like a big girl. The conversations she carries on with herself, her sister, and her baby dolls are so sweet!

Her laughter is one of the most precious things about her. She loves to be tickled and tossed around (in a loving way obviously!!) and she laughs uncontrollably. She LOVES it when Cori chases after her and she even lets her big sister pick her up and carry her around.

FInley smile

At 13 months, she wakes up promptly at 7am each morning. Still likes her milk warm in her Sippy cup. (But, finally likes milk, praise the Lord! She went through a period where she really disliked milk of all kinds. So glad to be over that!) She eats breakfast with her big sister at their little red table every morning. She normally takes a nap at 9:30 am and again at 2pm. She can skip her morning nap if we go out and do something fun, but if we are home, a morning nap is a must! She requests dinner promptly at 5:30 and prefers to be in bed by 7pm.

I am absolutely in LOVE with my youngest daughter!! And, I can’t wait for her to become a BIG SISTER in January! Smile


Matt and Christen said...

Congrats Danielle on baby #3!!! How exciting!

Matt and Christen said...

Congrats Danielle on baby #3!!! How exciting!