Friday, August 17, 2012

It’s been a rough week .. for one little girl


Poor Finley has had a rough week! Now mom, before you read this, I’m just going to preface this with “accidents happen” and they surely do! Don’t freak out! Smile

Earlier this week were were getting ready to head out to the museum as a family. Cori was sitting by the door to the garage putting her shoes on. I was in the kitchen getting some snacks.  David was putting our passes into my purse. And, Finley was just standing next to Cori waiting to go. Well in the midst of all that, Cori must have opened the door to go down the 8 carpeted steps to the garage. As I was turning to walk out of the kitchen, I heard some thumps – quite a few of them. I looked up to see Cori standing next to the opened door with her hand covering her mouth. Then, I heard wailing coming from the bottom of the stairs. Finley was at the bottom of them. Poor, sweet baby. She was and is totally fine!! Just a scrape on her forehead and next to her left eye – as you can see in the picture above. David was down the stairs before I could get there. He held her and she calmed down pretty quickly, and then desperately wanted to climb back up the stairs. Babies are resilient. I do love that about them! SO thankful she was fine. Now we have locks at the top of each door (that we make sure to latch consistently) so Cori can’t open them!! And, we did have a great morning at the museum followed by our FIRST trip to Moes here in Birmingham. We sure missed our normal Moes dates – Jonathan, Lacy, Ella & Audrey. We reminisced about ya’ll as we ate!

Fast forward a few days later … We have been working on a plan for a playground in the backyard. Dave ordered some parts and he will be building one for the kiddos along with some landscaping for the backyard. We are all SO excited about that!! In preparation for the parts coming we went and picked up our slide from Home Depot. There was a run down frame for a swing set in our backyard and we decided to attach the side to it while we wait for the new one to be built. This is what is looks like at the moment. Ghetto, but it works! Smile


Well, the girls and I were out there the other day playing. Finley was doing such a good job!! I would put her on the platform and she would sit down and scoot her way to the top of the slide. I’d hold her hand and she’s slide down. Seems pretty safe, right? I thought so! Well, as her turn came around, she sat down on the platform and scooted her way to the top of the slide. She was holding onto my hand, but I guess I wasn’t holding hers tight enough. She started going down the slide and all of the sudden was falling over the side of it, head first. I reached over and grabbed her by the ankle. Her face had already brushed the dirt, but at least she didn’t topple down the hill! I mean, let’s look at the bright side, right?! The picture of her at the top of this post was taken after her spill over the slide. She wasn’t too happy about it, but she literally wanted to go right back out to play after getting cleaned up. She is definitely the type to get back on the horse after being thrown off. I love that about her.

Prior to these two accidents, Cori threw a very small picture frame across her room during some “rough play”, which happened to hit her younger sister in the side of the head. This created a little circle shaped scrape with a little bit of blood. I showed it to Cori and told her that her “rough play” put a hole in her sisters head and that she needed to have some self control. She immediately started balling crying because she felt so bad about injuring her sister. What a mess!

Yes, please give me the mother of the year award. Thanks.

We haven’t had any accidents since, thankfully! We’ve just got a 13 month old who thinks she is just as big as her sister and get’s MAD when she can’t do all the things a very athletic 2.5 year old can.

Don’t try to grow up too fast sweet Finley!! Let’s slow it down just a little! And, Cori, do not throw things at your sister!! Moral of the story!

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