Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Last Saturday, I celebrated my 29th birthday. Hard to believe that I am entering the last year of my 20’s. I hear though that the 30’s are your best years so I guess I have a lot to look forward to! ha! Crazy to think that time has gone by this fast. I’m sure my mom agrees. I can’t even imagine any of my children turning 29!! Can they just stay little forever?!?Who knew that at 29, I would be living in Alabama, 6 (almost 7) years married, with 2 precious girls, and either another girl or boy on the way?! God has been good to me and I am so thankful for His blessings!

We only took ONE picture on this birthday of mine!!! And, it was on my phone, none the less! Not the greatest of quality, but it works!


Here we are at the Melting Pot. We went on Friday night. It’s become birthday tradition. I SO look forward to that cheese fondue once a year. It’s my FAVORITE!! I could actually start and end my meal with cheese instead of the normal meal which includes cheese, an entrée, and chocolate. Dave’s favorite part is the chocolate though, so I guess we will continue to get one cheese for now. But maybe one day I’ll convince him to get cheese for an appetizer AND desert! YUM!!

It was so nice to have a date night though! We have been out twice without the kids since moving to Birmingham. Our sweet friend Val from UF lives here and watched them both times. Unfortunately, she is moving back to Florida TODAY as I write this. The girls love her and are so sad about this! But, I think we have found a new babysitter who is going to be GREAT!

We also went to a BBQ on my birthday and met a great group of people. We were invited through a new friend I met at a Premier party. I will tell you, Premier has been my saving grace since moving here. (Well, Premier and church). I have made some great friends through Premier. It has really challenged me to get out and meet new people on a daily basis. I’m so thankful God brought Premier into my life 2 years ago. He knew exactly what I would need 2 years later as we moved states and left behind all we knew. I love how His provisions are so good and he KNOWS what we need … even years before we realize we need it.

Dave and I finished up my birthday with an early bedtime for the kiddos so we could enjoy some delicious Chinese food, yummy cake balls, and a movie together. It was a wonderful day and I’m planning to enjoy another wonderful year, and God willing, many more!


Lauren said...

Congrats on your announcement :)

Carrie said...

Congratulations on a new baby!