Monday, August 20, 2012

A Well Check-up and a Home Cooked Meal

Cori Belle and Finley had their very first check-up at their NEW doctor’s office here in Birmingham. Their new doctor is SO sweet!! Very personable! She came in talking Cori’s language and they really hit it off. Made my heart happy. I absolutely LOVE this picture of my girls as they waited to see the doctor. Cori had already gotten her finger pricked (which was a bit traumatic for her), but a few moments later she was all smiles. … Are they just not the cutest kids you’ve ever seen?! I mean, I may be a bit partial, but…  :) Oh, how I LOVE them!!



Cori Belle at 2 years 7 months

weighs 27 lbs (25%ile)

measures 35.7 inches (25-50%ile)


Finley Grade at 13 months

weighs 19 lbs (10%ile)

measures 28.2 inches (10%ile)


Finley got two shots and was a champ. She cried for about a minute and Cori looked extremely sad for her, but then we got a lollypop on he way out and both girls were excited about that! 


We got home from the doctors office around 4:30. Finley went back down for a quick nap, and Cori and Dave headed off to Home Depot. I decided that a good home cooked meal was in order. You see, I struggle with the desire to be great at everything – a great wife, mom, cook, homeschooler, jewelry lady, organizer, chore accomplisher, decorator… etc! You name it, I probably want to be great at it! HA! But wanting to be great and actually being great are two different things. I have struggled most with cooking lately. The whole planning out meals for the week/grocery shopping thing has been stressing me out!! Like, I just avoid it because it makes me anxious. Seriously, don’t know why!! But, it’s just the truth.

Recently I have had some great conversations with new friends about cooking and one of them passed on some great recipe blogs. So, this morning when I got up, I sat down, opened up a few of these blogs, and made a dinner menu for the week! AND a grocery list! Wahoo!! On the menu for dinner tonight was Homemade Potato Soup. YUM! I already had half of the ingredients at home and it was super easy to make!!


Baked Potato Soup

Cori and Dave arrived home from Home Depot to the delicious smell of a home cooked meal. Finley got up from her nap and we all enjoyed a nice family dinner together. Nothing makes my heart happier than all of us sitting down to dinner together. That and the daily expectant dinner table question from my 2-year-old, “How’s your day mommy?” To which I respond, “It’s great Cori; how was your day?” … “It was great!”

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