Friday, August 10, 2012

Catching Up – Disney World, May 2012

Back in May, we took our last trip to Disney before moving to Alabama. We went with some of our very best friends, Stephanie & William and their 4 little boys. We had such a blast and spent the ENTIRE day there from opening to close of the park.

photo (1)

Willie & “Belle Belle” getting ready for their day

Since it was such a long time ago, I am just going to re-cap in pictures…

Pure joy in that sweet girls face!

Even though our kids aren’t looking, I think this is such a sweet picture of our family!

Checking out Dumbo

Truly enjoying her day at Disney!


Here, we were measuring Cori for her very first roller coaster ride – it was in Toon Town – totally toddler friendly! Doesn’t it look like she is 35 inches tall? Well, she passed at the start of the line, but as she was about to get on the coaster with her daddy, the line attendant decided to measure her again. This time, they said she wasn’t tall enough! After waiting in line for an HOUR, we just watched Willie ride. Fortunately, we were given free passes to the front of any ride in the park for our inconvenience. Maybe next time, Cori!

We had such a great time and certainly miss the ability to hop in the car to head over to Disney. Don’t worry Mickey – We’ll be back soon!

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Carrie said...

Oh my word, poor Cori! I can't imagine being told that after waiting in line an hour. I love seeing pictures of everyone visiting Disney. I think we're finally going to take Allie Claire for the first time this fall!