Monday, May 28, 2012

A Graduation and a Birthday

About 3 weeks ago we traveled down to Tampa to celebrate David’s sisters college graduation and his dad’s 60th birthday! It was such a wonderful weekend!!

Jamie graduated with her degree in Special Education. I do love that there are so many educators in the family! Me, Jamie, my SIL Missy, and my MIL are all educators. Even though I’m not actually in the classroom anymore, I’m still using those skills everyday with my precious kiddos at home.

I think Jamie is going to be such a WONDERFUL Special Ed Teacher!! Here she is getting ready to graduate…

Joe's 60th Birthday 008


with our girls..

Joe's 60th Birthday 009

Joe's 60th Birthday 013


and with all her nieces and nephew…

Joe's 60th Birthday 022


and with the whole clan after graduation… So proud of you Jamie!!

Joe's 60th Birthday 146


After graduation, we all headed back to the Smith house to change for a nice dinner at Charlie’s Steak House. Wow, was it one of the most delicious dinners I have EVER tasted!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. This dinner was to celebrate many things in the Smith family – Jamie’s graduation, Joe’s 60th birthday, Ryan gradating Nursing school,  Dave finishing residency, and Casey getting a raise at work. So many wonderful accomplishments!! Yes, Casey and Rebecca even came down from Minnesota! Smile

Joe's 60th Birthday 195


The next day was Joe’s birthday and we had a party at the Smith’s to celebrate. We ate food, went on the boat, did the slip and slide, and just had a great time. Dave and his dad have been in a burpee war and still are. They each had to do 60 burpees on Joe’s birthday to celebrate his 60th! They even took some Birthday burpee pictures. Watch the pictures unfold. It’s hilarious!

May 10 download 150


May 10 download 152


May 10 download 154


May 10 download 155


May 10 download 156


My favorite part of the afternoon was taking Cori tubing for the first time. She was a little afraid at first, but she LOVED it once we got going. It was so much fun!!

Joe's 60th Birthday 225


Joe's 60th Birthday 254


Then it was off to the slip and slide! Cori went down it once but didn’t like it too much. She said she rather watch. Smile

Joe's 60th Birthday 324


and have a cupcake…

Joe's 60th Birthday 326


Finley watched too

Joe's 60th Birthday 275


but these guys had some fun slippin’ and slidin’

Joe's 60th Birthday 260

Joe's 60th Birthday 299















Time with the entire Smith family is always a good one. Looking forward to beach week!! Just 3 weeks away! Smile

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Casey and Rebecca said...

Its only 2 weeks away!! And if you forgot, I have my teaching degree too, just have never put it to use here. See you soon!