Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sweet Sister Pictures

I took a series of pictures of the girls the other day. I was trying to get one good picture of them together! Ha! As I looked back at them after loading them onto the computer, I could not stop laughing at both girls personalities coming out in each photo! I thought I’d post them to share! These girls melt my heart!!

May 10 download 036

Mommy – “Girls, let’s take some pictures together.”


May 10 download 037

Cori –“Okay, hold my hand baby and sing with me”


May 10 download 038

Cori – “I said SING!”


May 10 download 039

Finley -  “Please stop jerking me around!!”

Mommy – “Cori, stop hurting your sister.”


May 10 download 043

Cori – “okay, sing with me baby!”


May 10 download 045

Cori – “Why won’t she sing?”

Finley – “Yay! Big sister let me go!”


May 10 download 046

Cori – “Uh oh, baby won’t sing.”

Finley – “Now it’s my turn to get my sister!”


May 10 download 050

Cori – “Mommy, look at this!”

Finley – “My sister is so funny!!”

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