Monday, July 2, 2012

Checking back in…

Hi there blogger friends! And, by that I mean the only people who actually read my blog – my mom, grandma, aunt, and a few friends out there! HA! I’ve been on quite the hiatus these days. As many of you know, we have spent the last 6 weeks packing up our house and moving to the great state of Alabama. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and literally haven’t stopped unpacking since. And, we aren’t done yet – not in the slightest! Needless to say, blogging took a seat on the back burner. I desperately longed to blog, post pictures, journal my thoughts, etc. But it just seemed that time never lent me the opportunity to do that. And even as I sit here now in our new “Alabama Home” as Cori calls it, there are many things to be done, but I wanted to take a few minutes to check in and blog about my thoughts on moving. I’m going to just be real with you and say that my thoughts on moving aren’t all roses and daisies, but I think (hope) that’s completely normal.

Moving with children is a difficult task to say the least. Since we also changed time zones, their schedule has been off and they are starving for lunch at 10:30 am everyday. Dave headed back into work today for orientation and I think I unpacked one box, which unfortunately didn’t even get put away. The girls have been taking turns napping and when they are up, they long to play with their mommy. It’s tough as I want to play with them, but I want to get things done too. If you know me at all, you know disorganization is number 1 on my pet peeve list. I can’t even find my dish towels and it’s making me crazy! I know everything will come into place and eventually this house of ours will become a home – it just takes time – and the slow process is the hardest thing.

I’ve also been a bit emotional these days. I wasn’t too sad leading up to the move. I only cried once at our going away party, but since getting here, I think I’ve cried more days than not. It’s over little things like loosing my hair brush or not knowing where to find a dish scrubber brush in our local Target. But, there are bigger things too like being away from everyone I know (other than my amazing husband and kids) and the whole getting adjusted thing.

We did go to church yesterday and that was so wonderful. I LOVE our new church and am so thankful God lead us there. We are attending Church of the Highlands and there is a huge network of people there. Service this weekend was on being the message of Christ with our everyday actions. It was extremely relevant to me as this whole transition with moving has been tough. It reminded me to make the most of every opportunity to be the message to someone, even if my day is a littler harder than others. I can be the message to my kids as I unpack all day. I can be the message to my husband when he comes home from work. I can be the message to someone I meet in a store or talk to on the phone. I just need to be focused on the Lord and not letting Satan get the best of me just because I moved states.

I’m sure when I look back on this post in a few months, I will laugh. I know I’ll get unpacked and settled. I know I’ll make new friends. I know I’ll find a mom’s group, small group, etc. I know God has a divine plan for our family here. I know I’ll end up loving it here. I know Premier will flourish. I know all of these things because I believe and trust in the Lord with all my heart.


As we get settled and I get more time on the computer, I have so many things to blog about … our last trip to Disney as Florida Residents, Finley graduating swim lessons, our going away party thrown by our dear Gainesville friends, our trip to the beach, our new home, Finley turning ONE, Cori turning two and a half, and a few others surprises too. If our family happens to come across your mind in the weeks to come, I just ask that you’d pray for us as we make the transition from living 11 years in Gainesville to a new life in Birmingham.

Whatever is true, noble, right, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy – think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

Much love to you .. until next time.


Caleb & Emily said...

Love and miss you lots. Hugs to your sweet girls. Talk to you soon. Xoxoxo

Matt and Christen said...

I can totally relate to you Danielle (moving 3 times in the last 9 years!). Keep trusting in God's promises...its not always easy, but you WILL look back and see His hand in EVERYTHING. Praying for you guys.