Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A weekend away!

About a month ago Dave and I got to attend a wedding reception for one of our dear college friends. Laura and Dave were on the same dorm room floor his sophomore year of college. We all became such good friends and she ended up being one of my roommates our last year in college. She was also in our wedding 6 years ago and we have done our best to stay in contact with one another. She now lives in Utah and it was so great to see her and hew new hubby, Pat, last month!

The wedding was in South Florida so we drove down to Tampa to drop off our girls at their grandparents house, picked up Ryan and Missy, and headed down to Cooper City (also knows as Ft. Lauderdale!). The four of us has the BEST time together. Since having kids we never really get to spend an adult weekend with anyone for that matter! But, we really hadn’t gotten to spend much one on one time with Ryan and Missy in a while. It was so nice to re-connect and share a special weekend with them!

To get off an a little bit of a tangent, Missy is one of my newest Premier daughters. I LOVE doing Premier with her. She has such a beautiful personality and I am excited to see how God is going to use her in this business to touch the lives of others. Premier is so much more than a Jewelry business. It’s truly a business to grow women closer to Christ and encourage them in ways they have never been encouraged before. This is such a life changing business. I know it has changed my life and I am so thankful for that! Missy, if you didn’t know already, I am so proud of you for taking a leap of faith and seeing what God has in store for you! I know it’s going to be GOOD!

Missy and I sporting our Premier Jewelry!




My sweet hubby and I


Missy and Ryan


The four of us

We had such a great time together driving, chatting, eating, dancing, and just hanging out. Ryan and Missy – you are such a sweet couple!

The wedding reception was beautiful and Laura & Pat are a perfect match for one another! Praying blessings over your marriage! Here we are with the new married couple!

Pat, Laura, me, and Dave

Until next time…

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Laura said...

oh geeze- look at those eyes... that pic must have been late in the night! yikes!! haha... we love you guys, and we are so glad that you were able to come down and celebrate with us!!! and it was great that you got to spend some quality time w/ Ryan & Missy! hope to see you soon-ish, if not in real life maybe via Skype sometime :)