Wednesday, April 4, 2012

9 Months!!

How is it already April and my baby is 9 months old?! She turned 9 months on Sunday. To say that I’m completely in LOVE with my sweet baby is an understatement! Finley continues to capture my heart more and more each day. I’m loving getting to know her personality more and watch her grow! She is sweet and laid back. Oh, how I LOVE her!!



  • Hearing you say, “mama”. Oh, how I love that! Smile
  • The way you snatch up your “lovie” into your arms and throw your head onto my chest when you’re tired.
  • Those BIG eyes!!!

Finley big eyes and nuk

  • Watching you sleep – you look so incredibly at peace!
  • That you are CRAWLING!!! It is so much FUN!! And, just look at that GORGEOUS smile!!! I LOVE it!!

Finley crawling outside

  • Reading books with you. You LOVE books, just like your big sis!
  • See your independence when you play.

Finley playing

Finley playing 2














Finley playing standing up

  • The way you stand up and hug me after I change your diaper on the changing table.
  • The way your face lights up when you see me for the first time – whether it’s when you wake up in the morning, when I pick you up from the nursery at church, or kids club at the gym. You are SO EXCITED!!
  • What a big girl you look like in your car seat!!

  • Hearing you laugh!
  • Seeing you really come into your own sweet self! You become more mature each day and I just love watching you grow! Here you decided to eat a leaf outside! You were having such a great time playing!!

Finley eating leaf

  • Your obsession with cheeto puffs – now that you’ve had the thicker “cheeto” type puffs, you want nothing to do with those little itty bitty puffs! Ha!
  • The way you let your sister dress you up and put your Nuk in your mouth! She put this hat on you and decided you needed your Nuk too. HA!

Finley and Cori

Finley wearing hat

  • Coming in to find you standing in your crib in the morning!

Finley standing in crib

  • That you still LOVE to be in the Ergo. You are truly a snuggler at heart and just love being held close!
  • Taking you swimming. You LOVE being in the water!! Speaking of water, you LOVE pretending to swim in the bathtub. You always lay on your belly in the bath and kick and splash. It’s precious!

  • Taking pictures of you! … and sweet sister pictures too! There are more of these to come soon!!

We went in for Finley’s 9 month well check yesterday. She is growing so much!! She is 14 lbs 13 oz, and 26.7 inches long – the EXACT same measurements as Cori at 9 months! It’s funny how similar they are in size, but how different they are in personality. I’m crazy about them both! For fun, let’s check out a picture of each of my girls at 9 months old. Cori is on the left and Finley is on the right.

Cori - 9 weeks 073 photoshop

Finley crawling outside crop















I love you, Finley Grace! Happy 9 months, sweet one!

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