Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrating Easter

We did a lot of Spring and Easter activities this past week. I think I must have told the Easter Story to Cori at least 100 times over the course of the week. We did our Resurrection Eggs, colored pictures, painted pictures, baked cookies, hunted eggs, read stories, waved palm branches (which Cori calls leaves), and talked A LOT about Jesus. It was a good week.

Earlier this week we went to a friends house for a fun Easter party. The kids had a great time and my friend, Annie did a great job planning it! As always!! I will need some party planning help as I move to the “south” in a few short months! Smile 

Egg Hunt Party Table

Fabric Streamers

The decorations were beautiful and everything was so well thought out! (You may see some of these decorations again at Finley’s first birthday party. I was taking notes! HA!)

The kids played on the swing set (my girl was on the swing FOREVER! That girl loves to swing!) and played at the corn table. We did an egg hunt too!

Corn Table

Cori Corn















Finley Sleeping


All the kids getting read for the hunt! Doesn’t Finley look like such a big girl sitting there?!


Finley in egg pool


Cori and Finley on swing


Cori and Finley on swing 2

Cori showing me candy

Finley holding an egg















Cori juice box


Most importantly, we prayed all together with the kids before we ate, giving thanks for what Easter is truly about. I loved that.


I think my favorite part of Easter this year was watching the expressions on Cori’s face as I would tell the Easter story. She loved hearing about Jesus riding in to Jerusalem on a donkey. She would wave her hands up and down as I talked about the people waving palm branches at him. She would chime in at this point in the story that the people were “sooo happy” at the arrival of Jesus. I would tell her how Jesus had dinner with his friends and after dinner he went out in the garden to “pray,” (she chimed in there too). Then you would see her facial expression change as I started to tell her how the bad men heard of Jesus arrival and then went to the garden to get him. I told her of how they didn’t like Jesus and they hurt him very badly and wanted him dead. I told her how they made him carry his cross a long way. I told her how they hung him on it and how he died. She would chime in at this point with her head hung low and say, “Friends were sad. So sad.” I told her how they took him off the cross, wrapped his body, put him inside a tomb, and rolled a giant rock in front so no one could get in or out. I told her about a few of Jesus’ friends going to the tomb on the third day, Easter, only to find that, “Jesus gone,” as Cori would say. “Jesus go bye-bye. Jesus in Heaven.” I just love hearing children speak about Jesus with such excitement in their voice. We talked about how Jesus was alive again and how he showed himself to his friends and spent time with them before returning to be with the Father in Heaven, where he is now and watches over us. At this point in the story, Cori always would say, “Rainbow up in the sky! Big rainbow!” We saw a rainbow a few weeks ago and I love that she correlates rainbows with Jesus. After all, they are there to show us how Christ loves us and that he is watching over us and protecting us. … As soon as the Easter story was finished, she would ask for me to tell it all over again. Sweet girl.

Dave had to work on Easter, but the girls and I enjoyed a relaxing morning watching Tangled (Cori got that in her Easter Basket). We had a great worship service at church, which could be it’s own blog post. Four people at the 11 o’clock service gave their life to Christ, one being a little girl whose mama came up on stage with her. I cried. We enjoyed a nice Easter dinner with my aunt and uncle who live in town who we don’t see nearly enough. And we finally got to take a few family pictures when David got home from work.



Me and Kristy. You know you’re best friends when you show up to church wearing the same earrings and necklace!! Haha! Oh, how I love this girl!


Mommy and her girls

Me and my girls


Cori and Finley

Sweet Sisters


Family 1


It was a great Easter. Not just because of fun egg hunts and activities, but because my family grew a little closer to Jesus. He is the only reason we celebrate Easter. He wasn’t just a good man who walked the Earth many years ago. He is God who walked the Earth, who taught us how to live, and died for us because he loved us. He was dead and now he is alive, living in Heaven with the Father, preparing a way for us to be there with him one day. Wow. I am so thankful that we are loved that much. You are loved that much. I hope you know that too.

Happy Easter!

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