Monday, April 23, 2012

Beach Season Begins

I was catching up on a few blogs today and it seems that my post will fit in very well with the rest! I have seen lots of posts about trips to the beach, which means that beach season has officially begun! Our little family packed up and headed out to the beach last week and had such a great time together!! It was just what we needed. Dave has been on some rough rotations in the hospital and I’ve been doing a lot of jewelry shows. Which means, our family has been going and going and going these days. It was time for a little R&R, and the beach was just the ticket!

We lounged in our chairs. CB even got a new Dora chair this year. She really wishes it was a princess chair. But Dora will just have to do! Smile Check her out in her new pink sunglasses. What a bathing beauty!


We played in the sand. Cori was all about building some sand castles and Finley loved just crawling around!















We dug holes and Cori sat in them.


Cori practiced her hand-stand walk. There were some college kids sitting next to us having hand stand contests. Cori wanted to join in on the fun. Daddy helped!


Finley tested out the wet sand. She wanted to make sure she was prepared for Beach Week in June.


We took pictures with our girls.


We took pictures of our girls.


We had such a great day together. It makes me look forward to our annual Beach vacation even more! We really do need to take full advantage of the beach before our big move to Birmingham at the end of June. We certainly haven’t taken enough advantage of the fact that we have lived 1.5 hours from the beach for the last 10 years. It’s going to be a much father drive very soon!!

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AMW said...

Those last two pictures are PRESH! LOVE THEM!