Sunday, December 4, 2011

Training Schedule

2 weeks down and 12 weeks to go until my very first half marathon!! Yep, that’s right, come February 28th, I will be sporting a tutu and running the Disney Princess half marathon with my 2 SIL’s and a few friends from church. Check out my awesome training schedule created by my hubby! … That’s right, Katie. YOU are part of my training!! :)

half marathon


This may sound crazy to some of you reading this, but my 4 mile run yesterday was AMAZING!! I actually ran 4.2 (yeah, I’m counting those extra .2 miles!!) and I felt great the entire time. It was perfect running weather yesterday!

I may be feeling great because of my new nifty shoes I got to train and race in. Check them out!

running shoe


Dave wanted me to move to more of a minimal shoe. The guy at the running store said that this was more minimal than my previous shoe, but not such a huge drop that it would injure me. I’m not really a “runner” so I don’t really know much about all that mumbo jumbo, but what I do know is, they feel great! My knees don’t hurt and that’s all that matters!!

I’ve only missed one day of training so far and that was Katie’s class on Friday. Dave went so maybe that makes up for it?! HA! I was working the JBF consignment sale. I’m sure I will end up missing a few days here and there, but I’m posting it up here on my blog for a few reasons… (1) so you all can hold me accountable to my training schedule, and (2) incase any of you readers out there want to join in on the running fun, you’ve got a pretty good schedule to use if you’d like! (**You just have to make up your own “Katie’s Class” if you don’t live here in Gainesville. It’s basically an hour of intense boot camp and it’s awesome!!**)

I will say that my calves are pretty sore after my run yesterday. I haven’t had to run with the kids in the double BOB yet. I know that’s what we got it for, but I’m really enjoying these runs by myself! Pray for me as my mileage increases. I don’t think I’ve ever run more than 5 miles in my entire life! There is a first for everything!!

Until next time! …


Matt and Christen said...

Way to go Danielle!! You're going to LOVE the 1/2. Its my favorite distance. What a fun race to run as your first 1/2 too. You're going to be great!

Caleb & Emily said...

Wish you didn't live on the other side of the world! Keep it up. Just finished 6 and was admiring your pretty schedule.

The O'Hallorans said...

I heart saucony shoes! I ran my 1st half in them as well. Only brand I can put on straight from the store and run 10 miles in without evena hint of a blister. You're going to rock those 13.1 miles, friend!