Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sweet Cousin Pictures

This Christmas was the first time we had all 4 of the Smith cousins together. With Casey & Rebecca living in Minnesota and us living in Gainesville, we don’t all have the opportunity to get together as much as we’d like. So, the day before we left to come home, we decided we’d set up a mini photo shoot with the kids. Jamie has taken a liking to photography and does a really good job so she took the pictures! They turned out SO cute!!

Jamie Unload Christmas 074

Cori Belle – age 2

Jamie Unload Christmas 149

Taylor Ryan – age 1

Jamie Unload Christmas 102

Jona Lily – age 6.5 months

Jamie Unload Christmas 094

Finley Grace – age 6 months

Finley and Jona

sweet babies

Getting a picture of them all together was a difficult task to say the least! I mean, why wouldn’t 4 small children want to sit all morning to have their picture taken?! Sounds so simple, right?! :) HA! Since we had just taken Cori’s 2 year pictures earlier that morning, she had about had it! So, it may not be the best picture, but at least they are all looking and no one is crying!

Jamie Unload Christmas 125 ps


I LOVE this group shot with Yaya and Mt. Grandma. Yaya was tickling Cori and her smile is precious!

Jamie Unload Christmas 062


For these children we prayed.

1 Samuel 1:27

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