Saturday, March 23, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Hey there! Yes, it is March 23rd and I’m JUST now starting out my blogging for 2013. We just keep adding kids to our household and things seem to pick up pace rather than ever slow down. I think that’s normal at this point in life. :) Young families are constantly on the move I think! I am so in love with my growing family though! I sometimes just sit on my couch and look around at my 3 sweet children and wonderful husband and just smile. My heart is filled with such warmth at the thought of how IN LOVE I am with my family. Wow! I can only imagine how God must feel when he looks down on all his children. He loves us even more than that!

I started out this year thinking of resolutions for myself as most of us do, until the first Sunday in January rolled around and our pastor did a Sermon series on Revelations verses Resolutions. Our resolutions are to eat right, exercise more, get our finances on track, blog more (yes, that last one was a resolution of mine – HA!). We quickly realize that we have fallen short of those resolutions about two weeks into January and then completely give up on them, saying we will try again next year. Can I get an amen?! That’s about right where I was sitting that first Sunday in church. That’s because resolutions are things we want to change about ourselves, and it’s more of an outside thing than an inner thing. A revelation is a change from the inside out, and it’s a change only God can make. It was a great reminder that we are spiritual beings who need the help of our maker to change us/mold us into the person he truly created us to be. I am trusting God for many revelations this year and I am intently trying to turn my gaze on Him each morning.

Dave and I were recently having a conversation about the big things in life verses the little things. We compared them to big marbles vs. little marbles. I really tend to focus on the little marbles – like cleaning the baseboards when there is a pile of laundry sitting on our bed to be folded. Praying that God will give me great revelation this year to change me from the inside out so I can focus on the BIG things – like time with Him and my family most importantly. The baseboards and the dog hair will have to wait, but only with the power of Christ living in me!

May 2013 really be a year all about growing in the Lord and doing things for His Kingdom and His glory!

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