Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rally and a Baby

January started out with me being extremely pregnant to say the least! I started out the month with two jewelry shows and people at my shows thought I was nuts to be out doing jewelry parties when I was due so soon. Tucker was due on the 15th and I was pretty positive he would make it until then. So positive that I decided to head up being Rally Registration Coordinator for our Regional Premier Rally here in Birmingham on January 12th!! At our doctors appointment, the Tuesday before Rally, I was 4cm dilated. That’s pretty normal for me considering I hung out at 4cm for a while with both girls before going into labor. At that Tuesday appointment my doctor said that she would be on call the Saturday of Rally should I get done with the day and feel like I’m in “labor”, I could just come in. Without hesitation I said, “Let’s just plan on it! See you Saturday around 5pm!”

Saturday, January 12th, started early with Dave and I heading downtown for Regional Rally around 6am. I really enjoyed getting to be a part of the “behind the scenes” action at Rally this year. I also left our house that morning feeling excited about meeting our son that evening after Rally was over. I knew it would be a long day, but also an amazing day at that! It would be my last day of being pregnant with Tucker.

It was bittersweet attending Rally in a new state this year without all my amazing Premier friends from Gainesville. However, God has given me an absolutely wonderful group of girls here in Birmingham to live life with. I am beyond grateful for them!! I love thinking about how Dave and I moved to Birmingham not knowing anyone and now have all these sweet families in our life because of Premier! I don’t just have a job in Premier. I have a ministry and I love it!!

Jan-Feb 007

Jan-Feb 009

Dave and I were recognized for being one of the top sponsors in the region in these last 6 months. I was definitely a great honor!!

Jan-Feb 011

Rally ended at 4:00 and we helped clean up a little, said goodbye to everyone, and headed off to the hospital to have our little boy.

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