Wednesday, March 27, 2013


A few days after we brought Tucker home from the hospital we had a seriously cold, cold front come through Birmingham. It was so cold that is SNOWED!!! We had about three inches of snow in our front yard and were snowed in!! Of course we weren’t snowed in because of the 3 inches. We were snowed in because it had rained the night before it snowed, which iced over the road we live on. Since we live on an incredibly steep hill, no one could drive up or down it with the frozen over ice! Dave even tried to go to Crossfit the following morning but couldn’t because of the ice on the road. Oh, the joys of living where it gets cold! I miss Florida so much on those cold days!

Tucker and I stayed in the warm house, but Dave and the girls ventured out to make snowmen and play in the snow! They had a BALL!!!!


before the snowman…


after the snowman! They looked a little worn out and COLD, don’t ya think?!


Mr. Snowman was still standing two days later, even after all the snow had melted. Cori decided that he needed some hair! HA!


This was the view of our backyard while it was snowing out. Check out that awesome swing set my handy husband made! Looks pretty good with snow on it!

The Alabama winter wasn’t too bad, but I am REALLY (and I mean REALLY) looking forward to warmer weather! These last few days have been frigidly cold and I am longing for the sunshine and warmer temperatures!!!!!!! I mean it’s almost April for crying out loud!!

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