Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting ready for Easter!

me and my girls

Last weekend we went to the second annual Alachua Egg Drop! It’s so much fun for kids! A local church in Alachua puts it on every year on the property they are currently saving money to build a church on. It’s a HUGE piece of land and such a great place for an egg hunt! Cori participated last year in the 3 and under hunt. I remember her being a little shy and not quite sure about this whole hunting for eggs thing. But, this year was so different! She was one of the best egg hunters out there – not that those eggs were hidden all too well! :)

There were 3 fields roped off for 3 different hunts. Ages 0-3, 3-7, 7-11. It’s literally just how it sounds – a field with eggs scattered everywhere! It’s basically a free for all! Cori needed no help filling her basket FULL of eggs! To the left she was getting ready for the hunt! SO EXCITED! And to the right, she was filling that basket FULL!!

Cori ready to hunt

Cori grabbing an egg













Cori with basket


After the hunt, we sat down to count some eggs… Finley counted too!

Cori checking out her eggs

Cori with blue egg














Finley with basket

And, Cori helped her of course!

Cori helping Finley

Daddy had to work, but the girls and I had such a great time together! I hope they have something like this in Birmingham next year!


As I think and prepare for Easter, my heart has been thinking a lot about how we will teach our girls about this beautiful holiday. In teaching them the beauty, we also have to teach them about the suffering Christ went through. I’m so glad though, that this holiday is so much more than eggs and candy! It’s about a Savior who loved us enough to die for us, and then was resurrected to live with God in heaven so he could come before God and petition for us in our lives down here on this little earth. Wow. I’m so thankful for that!

At 27 months, I think Cori is old enough to really start learning about the story of Easter. I know I’m her mama and partial to her, but the girl is so stinkin’ smart! So, this year, we are going to do a 6 day version of Resurrection Eggs. Resurrection Eggs tell the story of Easter in an unconventional way. In each egg there is a symbol that goes along with the story of Easter. There is a verse with a short explanation of each egg. Normally there are 12 eggs, but we are only going to do 6, and I think we will do one each day leading up to Easter. To find the 6 day version I am using, click here! I can’t wait go get started! What traditions do you do with your little one to teach them about Christ during the Easter season?

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Immeasurably More Mama said...

We do the resurrection eggs, too. :) I also made the resurrection rolls with the boys this past Sunday. They loved this activity!