Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where has a week gone?!

It’s Wednesday and I am up early. I’ve gotten up with Dave the past 2 days – 5:30am yesterday and 5:00am today. It’s been good to rise early. I’ve gotten some quiet time in and some chores done all before the kids wake up. I’ve also gotten some time to catch up on reading my favorite blogs and realized that it’s been a week since I’ve posted – where has a week gone?!

Life with 2 kids comes at you fast to say the least. We’ve been enjoying time together – staying busy for sure. Finley has been working on her mobility and Cori has been potty training. Monday we went to Target and picked out some “big girl undies” as Cori calls them. She picked out 10 pairs of Princess undies. That girl loves her some princesses! She’s been reading a new potty book that she got from her Aunt Nen over the weekend. It’s about a little girl named Hannah who learns to use the potty. Cori reads it every time she sits on the potty. She can actually tell you what the pages say by reading the pictures – something I used to teach my kindergartners and 1st graders to do. Yesterday she woke up with a dry diaper and we sat on the potty right away. After a few minutes she went peepee and was SO EXCITED for herself! It was the sweetest thing. As soon as she’d gone potty, she asked to call her daddy to tell him. We hung up with daddy and she asked to call Mimi. Then Yaya. Then Poppop. Then Granddad. In the Potty book, Hannah calls her grandma right away after she goes in the potty the first time. Cori wanted to do the same thing. Her grandparents enjoyed the phone calls and Cori felt so proud of herself. She wore big girl undies the rest of the day (other than our trip to the park – I’m not ready to take this public yet!) and did great! She had 2 little accidents at home and used the potty twice. Can’t wait to see how today goes! Here she is, so proud of herself yesterday …

Cori in big girl undies


Finley continues to work on her mobility each day. She is so DIFFERENT from Cori. She is more reserved and enjoys people watching. Cori wanted to be right where the action was – and is still that way. It’s funny how different each kid can be. Of course no two children are the same, but as a mommy it just amazes you to see your own two children growing up and notice all the differences about them. It’s such a precious thing and I love getting to know my kids more and more as they grow each day. Finley also has the most beautiful smile and seems to have such a pure heart. I love that about her.

Finley smiling


I am such a blessed mama to be home with my girls. The days may seem to go by fast, and I may turn around and not know where a week has gone. But, I love looking back and seeing the time I got to spend with my precious angels. Thank you Lord for these children. I am so blessed by them!

Until next time…

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