Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Girl

I just had to pop on here real quick and share something about my sweet girl.

Last week we received a video monitor in the mail from David’s aunt and cousins for Finley. We never had one with Cori and were ecstatic to finally get one!! We hooked it up right away and have been loving it ever since! A few minutes ago I happened to walk by the video monitor and check on Cori as she is taking a nap. Much to my surprise, I saw her sitting in the corner of her crib, holding her baby. As I watched for a few minutes she would cradle her baby, feed her the a bottle, hug her tight, kiss her head, and repeat the process over and over. It amazes me to see the motherly instinct in her even as a small child. I have never sat down and taught her how to care for a baby. She just knows and that melts my heart. I LOVE my sweet girl!!


Preview picture of our Maternity Pictures to come. I LOVE them!!

Here she is listening for her sister in the womb. I can’t wait to watch them grow up together and become the best of friends!


Carrie said...

Sweet, sweet picture, Danielle!

Stephanie said...

That is so sweet!!! =)