Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Baby Shower for Finley Grace

I figured I’d better get a move on posting about Finley’s baby shower before she gets here! My due date is just around the corner and we are so excited to meet her!

Three of my dearest, sweetest, best friends threw the shower – Lauren, Kristy, and Emily. Oh, how I love and adore our friendship! I am so blessed to have such amazing friends!!


Emily, Lauren, me, & Kristy

We got together on a Sunday afternoon after church at Emily’s house to celebrate. It was such a sweet time of fellowship. We didn’t do all the traditional games you play at a baby shower for your first baby. We simply enjoyed one another’s company, had a few delicious snacks, opened a few gifts, and prayed. I think that was my favorite part of the whole shower – praying. Kristy wrote these heartfelt prayers out for Finley. They were the sweetest things I have ever heard. She passed them out for a few people to read and everyone prayed over me and Finley. I have SUCH a special group of friends!!

Finley prayers 001

Finley prayers 002

Finley prayers 003

Finley prayers 004

Finley prayers 005

Finley prayers 006

I pray these things for both my girls – and any other future children David and I have.


I didn’t need too many necessities this time around since we are having another girl. So, Finley got lots of cute monogrammed things. Cori even got a few things too! My mom and grandmother got a few things for Finley off our registry – FUNNY story!! I opened an ear thermometer and a crazy looking dog night light. I fidgeted with the night light for a moment wondering how it worked when my mom said, “You should know how it works, you put it on your registry.” To which I responded, “No, I didn’t.” After a few minutes of discussion, we realized that my mom and grandma had bought things off another Danielle Smith’s registry!! HA! Much laughter was had about that one!!

Here are a few pictures from the shower…



Mandi, Annie, & Lauren

week 36 023

Lacy & me – the jewelry ladies!!


My mom, me, & sister


Emily & Josie


Julie, me, & Em – almost all of our play group. We were missing Jen!


My mom & Mary Julia


David’s Aunt Claudia & Mama Jean


week 36 022
















Love these sweet gifts – a monogrammed Boppy cover, a new picture to hang in the girls’ room with their names on it, and a CUTE new born onesie! LOVE it!!

Thank you everyone for showering me with your love on such a special day!! Ya’ll are so sweet to me and my girls!!

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