Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beach Week 2011!

Beach - Summerhouse 2011 025 ps

Every year the Smith clan travels over to Crescent Beach for a week. Every year more and more people come and this year it was literally a Smith Family reunion with about 30 people! The picture above is just of David’s immediate family. We took a picture of everyone, but not on our camera – hopefully we will get it soon though! It was so much fun – especially to see all the kids! Last year it was just Cori and her 2nd cousins, Elle & Taylee, who are just 1 day younger than her. But this year we had Cedar (5 yrs), Reed (2 yrs), Cori (18 mo), Elle & Taylee (18 mo), Taylor (6 mo), and Jona (2 wks). I wish I had taken a picture of all the kids together. They were a blast!!

Beach - Summerhouse 2011 014 ps

This picture is one of my favorites from the week. We took it for Father’s day. All the son’s with their kids… and Joe with Jamie. I wish I had one with out CB’s finger up her nose, but every time we got the camera out that’s where her finger went! Go figure!!

Little Miss certainly LOVED the ocean!! You should have seen her! She was hysterical running into the waves and loved getting out there to swim! Those few days of swim lessons prior to our trip definitely paid off. We had a little fish out there! I can’t believe just how old she is getting. 18 months TODAY! Wow!! She is the oldest grandkid out of Dave’s immediate family and looking at her next to Taylor and Jona made me realize just how big she is. Little Miss Independent too! Here she is on the first day out in the water with her daddy. Just look at those BIG smiles!!


She even liked the sand – on most days anyway! :) Some days she wasn’t really into getting dirty and would have rather sat in a beach chair to relax, but there were a few days she was ALL about digging and getting dirty!

In this particular picture, CB and her daddy had just filled this bucket with sand. Cori decided she wanted to move it. She first attempted to pick it up by the handle, but it was too heavy. SO, she bent down and picked it up like this and carried it across the sand. So strong!!

Remember how I said she liked to lounge in the beach chairs on occasion. Here is my favorite beach chair picture! She was particularly fond of this green chair and would walk over to whoever was sitting in it and say, “Mo!” while waving her hand back and forth. That was her way of saying “no – get out of that chair! I want to sit in it!”


It’s tradition every year that we have a shrimp boil on the beach one of the nights we are there. This year was no different. I look forward to this evening of festivities from the first night we arrive. We cook up a bunch of shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes in a BIG pot on the beach and then it gets poured out onto a table where everyone fills their plate. It’s definitely a free for all and so much fun!!

Beach - Summerhouse '11 143

Reed, Cedar, & Cori

Here are some more pictures of the kids together throughout the week. They were all so cute together!! Cori especially LOVED Cedar. She loves playing with older girls and really looks up to them in true amazement!

This is hysterical – Cedar was teaching all the girls how to apply lipstick! HA! :)

I found a picture of all the kids after all! :) Here they all are with their GREAT Grandparents!!

Here are a few more favorites from the week…

Lance and Lauren came to visit – we ALWAYS love visits from them!!














I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture on the right of my sweet CB!! Those eyes are just gorgeous!















At the end of the week we finally got some family pictures taken. Finley is looking ready to pop!













Cori Belle, Mommy, Daddy

We had such a great time being on vacation! Finley did her part and stayed in the womb for a bit longer so we could have some time to relax. Now, we are ready for her arrival! :) Can’t wait for next year when we will have TWO little girls running around at the beach!! Oh, what fun it will be!!

This little girl wore herself out!!

Until next time…

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