Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fun at the Park!

When my parents were here over Easter weekend, we took Cori to the park. She LOVES playing at the park. Her favorite thing is to climb up the stairs and go down the slide. I swear she could do it over and over and over again for HOURS on end! Makes me wish we had a backyard and a play set, but I shall not covet what I don’t have!! :)

My dad had a great time helping her climb up the slide. I’m not the biggest fan of teaching kids to climb the slide. I’m sure it’s good for motor skills, etc, but the teacher in me says, NO!! I remember being at recess telling my students over and over and over again that we DO NOT climb the slide; we slide down the slide! I’m thanking grandparents all over the world who decided it would be fun to teach their grandkids to climb what all teachers pull their hair out over teaching their students not to!















She sure was excited once she reached the top! And even more excited to slide down again!


Then, it was time to head over to the swings! This particular park didn’t have swings for kids Cori’s age so she had to swing with someone at all times. Fortunately, there were plenty of people to swing with and she had a great time!















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