Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I Love about You … 16 months

So much happens between the age of 0-1. I LOVED keeping up with all the new things Cori Belle did each week in all my “What I love about you” posts and I’m excited to do them again with Finley. But, what about what happens after they turn 1?!?! There is still a lot of learning going on and so many things I LOVE about my girl. SO, I’ve written down a few for memories sake…

~CB is currently 16 months old!~

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  • That Saturday, 4/16/2011, was the first day you were bottle free!! We have been down to one bottle a day for quite some time, but last Saturday was the first night without one. You did GREAT!
  • The 6 teeth you have! Two on bottom, three on top, one molar on the top right! You are also a pretty good tooth brusher!
  • That Sunday, 4/17/2011, was your first day in your new BIG GIRL car seat! Still rear-facing, but we’re moving up! :)

  • Hearing you talk! Your vocabulary consists of mommy, dada, cat, outside, ball, cheese, please, hi, bye, baby, eye, up-oh, you, yeah, more, Maverick, up … Some of these words have a little different variation to them, but you and I know what you are saying!
  • Hearing you say my name! You walk around saying, “Mama, Mommy, Mama, Mommy.” When you say, “mommy,” it sounds like you have a British accent. LOVE it!! It’s more like, “mom-eeee.”
  • That when I ask you what a sheep says, you laugh! HAHA!
  • Seeing you RUN!!
  • That a fork and spoon are a MUST during meal times now. And, you have to do it all by yourself! You are actually getting quite good and pretty much get every ounce into your mouth without a mess! P.S – you are VERY into yogurt at the moment!!

  • Your love for balls. EVERYTHING in a circular/spherical shape is a ball!
  • Watching Praise Baby with you.  You sway back and forth to the music and get so excited about the things you see on the screen.
  • That you consistently fold your hands to pray at every mealtime.
  • That you still want to read your bible every night before bed!
  • Having this conversation with you … “I,” says mommy. “I,” repeats Cori. “Love,” says mommy. “You,” says Cori. :)
  • That you point to yourself when I ask where Cori Belle is. You can also identify a lot of family and close friends in pictures!
  • Your obsession with being outside! “Outs” as you call it!
  • That you love cats! Too bad mommy and daddy don’t! We have a gray stray cat that lives outside our house and you are obsessed with it!
  • That no matter how cold you get, you LOVE being in the pool! This picture is hysterical! You were SO cold!!

  • Watching you dance to music. You especially love the Joy FM! This morning you wanted to dance with me. I picked you up and you reached for my hand to dance like grown-ups do. So sweet!
  • That you are all about learning!!
  • Seeing you complete puzzles all by yourself! It makes your momma so proud!
  • Watching you feed your baby bottles and put paci’s in her mouth. You LOVE your babies!

  • That you still want 2-3 paci’s in bed with you for bedtime. Not sure when we’ll break that one!
  • That you are very interested in coloring and drawing.
  • Seeing you hold your hands up by your shoulders and shrugging when you are looking for something and can’t find it.
  • Watching you climb up the steps and slide down the slide ALL BY YOURSELF last week!! You are such a big girl!! I’m so proud of you!

  • The way you pat your chest and say, “Da-wi” (Maverick) when we are outside and I’m trying to get the dog to come inside.
  • Your fake “sad” face. It’s so funny how you crinkle up your nose and scrunch your eyes together like you’re so mad, when you’re really not!! I’ve yet to get it on camera, but believe me, it’s coming soon!!
  • That you’ve been sleeping with a pillow and blanket for the past few months.
  • Being your mom! Oh, sweet one, that will never change!!

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Laura said...

WOW. I can't believe how much she's grown since December. Love it! Such a sweet girl! Miss you guys a ton, and I hope I get to see you soon (at least w/ a skype!) :)