Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Today was vacuuming day around our house and Cori decided she wanted in on the action. My mom bought her a vacuum for her birthday and she was so excited about it on the day of her party, but hasn’t really used it much since. Well today, she certainly got lots of use out of it!

vacuuming 014 ps


She was actually in the living room playing when I began vacuuming. I started in our bedroom. A few minutes into vacuuming she walked in and started pointing to the vacuum and making a very serious face. I thought maybe the noise was bothering her so I turned it off and asked what she needed. Immediately she ran out of the room and I followed her. She went right over to her play vacuum and pulled it out. So, I helped her bring it into our bedroom. She instantly began pretend vacuuming just like I had been doing. I turned my vacuum back on and we both began to clean. She followed me to every corner of our room, including the closet! The girl was serious about some cleaning today! I guess the dog hair was getting to her too! HA!













After we were done vacuuming our bedroom, we moved on to her bedroom. She made it through half the room, put her vacuum down, opened the dresser drawer where she knows I keep her pacifiers, pulled 2 out, walked over to her crib, and began trying to climb in. HA! I guess all that vacuuming wore her out. She is now asleep and I stopped vacuuming for a few minutes to share these pictures with you. Like mother, like daughter! HA! … Oh, how I LOVE my little girl!

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Stephanie said...

I just KNEW you were vacuuming! You need some serious CLEANING Therapy! HA! ;)